We Got The SuperJumbo Size . . .

Now that we’re getting down to nitty-gritty time I though I’d check out the planes that we’ll be flying on.

Turns out that our flight over, from Houston to Frankfurt, will be on an Airbus A380-800 SuperJumbo, the largest passenger plane now flying.

Lufthansa A380-800

So now I’ll have the complete set since I’ve also flown on the previous ‘largest’, the Boeing 747, starting back in the ‘spiral staircase piano bar- lounge’ days.

747 Piano Bar-Lounge

Then from Frankfurt to Budapest we’ll be on an Airbus A321 for the short 90 minute flight.

Lufthansa A321-200

Finishing up coming home, we’ll be on a United 787 Dreamliner flying from London back to Houston.

Flying back and forth from South America in the early 60’s, I flew on both the Douglas DC-7, a turboprop, and the DC-8, the first jet I ever flew on.

And flying between Colombia, S.A. cities, I flew on Ford Tri-Motors like this.

Ford Tri-Motor

Mostly though, they were Ford Bi-Motors, I guess, because the centerline engine had been removed for more cargo space, and  the wing-mounted engines were replaced with DC-3 engines to make up the power loss, and also allow them to fly over the high mountain passes in the Andes.

It gets a little scary when you’re flying ‘through’ Andean mountain passes with rock faces off both wings, and not ‘over’, because they just can’t fly that high.

Checking SeatGuru.com, I located the seating chart for our plane and flight, and found where our seats are located.

A380-800 Seating Chart

Note that by reserving seats on opposite sides of the aisle, we both get an aisle seat, yet we can still talk. And we did this on all our flights on this trip.

And also note that we’re seated in Standard Economy, i.e. the Cheap Seats. I thought it was kind of funny that the next level up is called Premium Economy.

Isn’t that kind of like Jumbo Shrimp or Non-Dairy Creamer,

Tomorrow we’ve got a few wrap-up things to do and then we’ll be ready to head out on Friday morning when our car service arrives.

Thought for the Day: 

I’m becoming a cranky old person and it really annoys me.