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I Blame Crows . . .

After coffee this morning I was outside about noon to pull my rig oil filter and oil filter adapter so I can replace the gasket.

As before the filter came off with no real problems, using this filter wrench especially sized for the large filter size.

Filter Wrench and Handle

When I do this I have a bucket ready to hold the filter since it’s full of oil. But then after taking a closer look at the adapter I went inside to call Cummins. I was told there were two bolts to remove, but I thought I saw four. So I wanted some clarification.

And I was told that yes, there were four and not two. I also asked what size the bolt heads were,  and I was told 8mm. Which was a problem.

The other day while I was doing my rear brakes, I was using an 15mm, a 13mm, a 10mm, and an 8mm. And after doing one wheel I moved everything over to the other side, then came inside to cool off and hydrate.

And when I came back out my 15mm, 13mm, and my 8mm were missing, but the 10 was still there. As was the rest of my Crescent 1/4” and 3/8” drive metric and SAE which was right there too. But the only ones missing were 3 of the 4 loose ones.

We’re are the only RV’ers here, with most of the other residents working at the Texas City plants so I doubt anyone just walked by and picked up 3 sockets. And they’re no kids around either.

So I blame crows, who are known to like and steal shiny things. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

So I came in and got cleaned up a little and Jan and I headed out to have lunch at Yummy Yummy, pick up our Amazon packages from work, and buy some new sockets.

But first couple of stops, Harbor Freight, and Lowes, didn’t sell individual sockets, so I ended up at the O’Reilly’s on the way home and found just what I needed.

Then back under the rig when we got home, I found  that the Cummins guy was wrong, that it was a 10mm socket. Oh well.

I had to plug together 2 feet of 3/8” extensions to get up to the adapter, but I quickly had the 4 bolts, expecting the adapter to fall off and hit me on the head. But it was stuck.

After thinking for a few minutes trying to figure out to reach it, I got my plastic mallet and tapped on it a bit, with no luck.

So next I screwed the old filter back on hoping to use it to give me more leverage to break the adapter loose. But again no luck.

So it’s back on the phone to Cummins tomorrow to see why it’s stuck. I did take this photo before I came in, and once inside I took a closer look at it,

Rig Oil Filter Adapter Loosen

I could see some type of screw up in here. So I’ll to ask about that too.

As it stands now, it’ll be at least Sunday before I can get back to it.

Thought For The Day:

A College Degree cost 297% more today than in 1979.
A Happy Meal costs 40% less.
One of these institutions is subsidized by the government. The other one isn’t.