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I’m Glad I Called . . .

But I’m Still Not Sure.

After making up a bunch of Black Electrode Cords,

TES Electrode Cord BLACK

that were needed for orders, I put a call into Cummins Tech Support to seek more help with getting my rig’s Oil Filter Adapter off so I can replace the gasket and hopefully fix my reoccurring oil leak.

I was connected with a really nice young lady named Whitney who spent about 40 minutes with me trying to track down my problem.

Finally after leaving me on hold for about 20 minutes so she could track an ‘old-time’ tech, as she referred to him, she came back and asked if I had removed the center hose connection.

I took that to mean the center ‘bolt’ up inside the adapter.

Rig Oil Filter Adapter Loosen Center Bolt

I had wondered about that when I was looking up at it, but it doesn’t really look like it’s a bolt head, but a shaft with a locking pin of some sort. So I asked her to email me the tech bulletin for it and I’d take a look.

And now that I’ve seen it, I’m still not sure.

Looking closer I still don’t see any sign of bolt edges, and looking over the bulletin, it doesn’t see to apply to my engine. Or at least it doesn’t look like the layout of my engine.

So I’ll have to get under the rig and take a closer look, and get some close-up photos with my big camera. And I may have to put everything back together and lower the rig. When I raised it this past Monday I lifted the rig up to about the height needed to replace the filter, but as it turns out, it’s really too high for me to work on the adapter. Unless I grow extra long orangutan arms.

But I can’t lower the rig without cranking it up, and I can’t crank up without pulling the filter, putting the bolts back in the adapter, then filling the filter with oil and putting it back on.

But I may end up doing that. We’ll have to see.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m taking Jan up to Brandi’s so she can be there for Landon’s Grandmother’s day. It’s kind of a family tradition that both grandmother’s take Landon out on the day before his party and spend the day with him.

I’ll come home and then go back up Saturday for his actual party.

Really looking forward to it.

Thought For The Day:

Yeah, Banning Plastic Straws Is Going To Fix This Problem!


The United States’ contribution is pretty much lost in the noise.