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Sometimes You Just Need To Get A Bigger Hammer . . .

And Hit It Harder!

Last week when we were at WalMart I bought a bigger hammer, at least a bigger, better rubber hammer. I was determined that I was going to get the oil filter adapter off, even if I had to break it off.

WalMart Rubber Hammer

This one has a harder black end and slightly softer white side. As heavy as this thing is, I’m pretty sure it has a weighted head inside

Previously when I was beating on it, I was using a lighter, solid plastic one like this,

Solid Plastic Hammer

except mine is white. I think it was originally supposed to be used to hammer tent stakes into the ground. But I’ve always used it to just beat on things.

So I got under the rig about 2pm and whaled away at the bottom of the old filter with the soft side. When, after about a dozen whacks, nothing budged, I switched to the harder side. And after another dozen or so smacks, I heard a pop and the filter base seemed to move a little.

So the next time I really slammed into it. Luckily I had enough foresight to move out from under the filter because with the last hit the filter/adapter combo fell to the ground right next to my head.

Oil Adapter Off Rig

But even if it had hit me in the head, I still would have been happy. The damn thing was finally OFF!

And even better, the gasket came off on the adapter piece so it will be easier to clean off the filter base still on the rig. Looks like a good scrubbing with a brass brush should take care of that.

Oil Filter Adapter Base on Rig

Plus the gasket itself is dry, cooked and flakey, making me more confident that this is what the problem is.

I’m going to call Cummins tomorrow to see if/what they recommend using as a sealer on the gasket.

So now it looks like I know what I’m going to be doing on Thursday.

After cleaning up, Jan and I headed out about 3:30 to have dinner at our local favorite, Los Ramirez Mexican. And as usual, we both got our usuals.

Jan’s was the Pechuga Rellana, with a large Grilled Chicken Breast covered in Cheese, and resting on a bed of Grilled Shrimp and Broccoli along with a side of Avocado.

Los Ramirez Pechuga Rellana 5

She also gets the Guacamole that comes with my Beef Fajita Taco Salad.

Los Ramirez Beef Fajita Taco Salad 4

The prices on all this is really amazing, with Jan’s only $7.99 and mine only $5.59. And it’s just full of Beef. Great!

Then after a stop at HEB and the Post Office we got home about 5:30, with a lot accomplished.


Thought For The Day:

“Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely. Absolute power attracts the corruptible.” — Frank Herbert