Daily Archives: October 24, 2019

A Phone, Resurrected . . .

Jan’s phone, my old Galaxy S5, started acting up a few days ago, constantly rebooting, even after pulling the battery out for awhile. And that’s when I noticed how swollen the battery was.

S5 Batteries

Seeing this I was pretty sure that the battery was the problem, even with the phone plugged in. This is because the phone is actually powered from the battery, so even with the phone plugged in, if you pull the battery it won’t work.

So I put in an Amazon order for a new battery, but as usual I had a backup plan. I’ve had this S5 since June 2014 when we were up in Elkhart, IN with Nick and Terry Russell, so refurbished ones are available on Amazon for about $75. And since Jan pretty much only uses it for calls at home while I’m gone, a 5 year old phone is just fine.

But I lucked out because the new battery fixed the problem.

I had originally planned to get under the rig today to reinstall the oil filter adapter and the oil filter, so I had left the adapter soaking in a pan of Purple Power degreaser/cleaner overnight to get all the ‘gunk’ off.

Oil Filter Adapter before cleaning

Oil Filter Adapter Cleaning

But this morning I found that parts of the old gasket were so encrusted on the base of the adapter and that even scrubbing it with first a brass brush  and then a steel brush wouldn’t remove it, so today I’ll get emery fine grit sandpaper to burnish it down.

So we’ll see how it goes on Saturday.

Not So Fast:

I mentioned yesterday that after we possibly do a Mexico/Ruins cruise in 2021, we’ll be ‘cruised out’. But regular blog reader Lois piqued our interest in maybe doing a Mississippi Riverboat cruise.

So I guess we’ve got something else to keep simmering on the back burner now.

Thought For The Day:

You ever meet someone you just know is crazy, and about the time you think you’ve reached the bottom of their craziness, you discover a whole new crazy underground garage. Yeah, that person.