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Bits And Pieces, Odds And Ends . . .

I recently came across a couple of new cables for charging all the many devices we seemed to have accumulated, one very useful and the other one just neat.

We have a couple of devices that stay plugged in and charging pretty much 100% of the time, which of course is not good for the batteries.

One of them is our Verizon MiFi which runs all our many WiFi-controlled devices here in the coach, from our Wyze security cameras to our SmartBot coffee pot controller, and the number of WiFi switches we have. So it needs to stay plugged in all the time

The other one is Jan’s Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. It’s mainly used so that I can call Jan when I’m at work or out and about. Otherwise it just sits on the counter. And if it gets unplugged after it’s 100% charged, it often gets forgotten until it runs down and shuts off.

I’ve tried using timers to shut them off on a schedule, but they always seem to still get overcharged, or they run down. But then I came across these cables.

Auto Off Cables

Cable Auto Disconnect Smart Charging Male to Male USB C Cable

They charge the device up to 100% and then shut off until the charge drops to about 90% and then turn back on. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The other cables are just neat, and very colorful.

Light Up Charge Cables

Light Up Charging Cables

This evening I went online and reserved seats for Knives Out at the theater up in Webster for tomorrow afternoon. Using Flixster on my phone, I was able to reserve our seats and pay for them through the app.

This is the same theater where we saw Downton Abbey a few months ago, and it has the new very comfortable recliners.


Movie Recliners

So comfortable, in fact, that you have to be careful not to fall asleep. Or at least Jan does.

Though I guess it depends on the movie. A few years ago we somehow ended up taking Landon to see the SpongeBob Square Pants movie and all 3 of us fell asleep. And that was without recliners.

At the time Jan and I both agreed that that was an hour and 40 minutes we would never get back.

And we still haven’t.

Thought For The Day:

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid.” – Benjamin Franklin


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