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It’s A Keeper . . .

Whenever we buy something new I always make a habit of keeping the boxes for a few days. And how long I keep the box is directly related to the cost of the item. The more expensive the item, the longer I keep the box.

So I just got rid of the box that our new Samsung TV came in, that I purchase the middle of December. And I also just got rid of Jan’s 2 Christmas gifts, which were cheaper.

One of the two you’ve all ready heard about, her Ninja Foodie Digital Air Fryer, which she loves.

Ninja Foodie Oven

The second one, that I haven’t mentioned yet, was this Sowtech Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum. So yes, I bough my wife appliances for Christmas. But in my defense, it’s what she wanted, and what she asked for.

Sowtech Vaccum

She had been wanting a new one, and saw this one being used at our local Black Bear Diner. What really impressed both of us was how much the BBD people liked it. Much better than the expensive Dyson that they also had.

They said the Dyson was always breaking and needing new parts. And considering the Sowtech was only about $70, about 25% of what a Dyson cost., Jan’s very happy.

Happy Wife, Happy Life. Even if it’s about appliances.

I been downloading about 5GB of Garmin map data all evening. A couple of weeks ago, my Garmin GPS lost all the detailed maps, and was just showing a few main roads like 1-45 and Hwy 6.

After I fooled around with it for awhile I discovered that the 16GB MicroSD in the unit had died. Or at least I couldn’t read or write to it when I pulled it out of the GPS and plugged it into my computer. So I ordered a new one from Amazon that came in today.

At least now the GPS recognizes that it has a good SD card, so it’s downloading the new maps. I guess I’ll see when it gets done.

I also got a new oil filter for the rig in today, so later this week I’ll crawl back under the rig and pull the old filter and the adapter, and try again.

Thought For The Day:

Diagnally Parked


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