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Guys, it’s Not That Your Wife Is Ignoring You . .

We were out the door a little after 1pm today, heading up to Webster, first for brunch at Snooze once again. Then after a quick stop at the office, it was on over to WalMart for some shopping.

Next up we crossed El Dorado to the Sam’s Club right next door, with a first stop for gas. Since I last filled up a week or so ago, the price has jumped about 10 cents, up to $2.05. But still not too bad, and probably due to the Iranian thing.

Leaving Jan in the truck, I ran into Sam’s to pick up a month’s supply of her Joint Juice. Sam’s recently started carrying it again after dropping it for a while. But apparently they got so many complaints, including from us, that they got it back in stock. Better and a little cheaper than ordering it from Amazon.

Heading toward home, we made another stop at WalMart, this time the one in League City. I wanted to get a refund on Jan’s prescription that I picked up yesterday. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, when I got home I found that though I had paid $65.26 for it, if I had known to ask for the GoodRx price, I could have only paid $31.55. A big difference.


So I stopped by to get a refund. What they did was to first refund the $65.26 back to my credit card. Or at least they tried to.

For them to do this, I had to put my card in the machine, but each time they tried to process it, my card was declined.


When I ask, was my card declining to accept the refund, or was their system declining to give it to me, they had no idea. And trying two more times didn’t help. So finally they just refunded me in cash.

Then when I went to pay them the $31.55, I gave the young lady 2 $20’s and 2 $1, part of the refund cash she had just given me. She just looked at the money, looked at me, looked at the money, and then back at me.

Turns out that because of the way she was doing this, she couldn’t just enter what I  had given her and have the system tell her what to give me in change.

Finally taking pity on her, I told her that she should give me $10.45 in change, but I’m not sure she believed me. Then the lady at the next register, much closer to my age than the young lady, came over, looked at things, and told her I was correct.

Then she looked at me and said, “Nobody knows how to count change anymore.” I smiled and said, “That’s because we learned math B.C.”

The young lady, now more confused, asked, “B.C.?”

I said, “Yes, Before Calculators.”

Guys, it’s not that your wife is ignoring you, it may be that she’s just ‘lazy listening.’ At least that’s what Jan told me this morning when I was telling her something, and then waited for her response.

She had been working on her shopping list, but looked up when I stopped talking, waiting for her answer. She looked sheepish and asked me to tell her again.

When I commented that I thought she WAS listening, she said she was, but that she was ‘lazy listening’.

And I thought I was just being ignored. I feel much better now.

Thought For The Day:

If You Haven’t Realized You Are Living In Clown World, Then You Have Spent Too Much Time At The Circus.

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