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It’s Always Something Else . . .

It’s always something else.

As part of yesterday’s undone prep work, I went outside after I got back home from work this afternoon to check out our rig’s outside lights. I was worried about the right rear turn signal which sometimes goes on the fritz. But then as soon as I take the lens cover off.

But this time both turn signals were working perfectly. However, what wasn’t working now were the rig’s tail lights. So tomorrow I’ll pop the cover off the cover on the fuse panel that’s on top of the dashboard in from of the steering wheel. Hopefully it’s just a fuse. But you never know.

Although there’s only about a 20% change of rain tomorrow, unfortunately we’re looking a 50% chance on Sunday, when we’re supposed to be heading up to Katy and back for oil leak test drive. After we get up there we’ll park at the Buc-ee’s for a while and go out to lunch with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon before heading back home.

Here’s hoping we’re leak-free.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

I mentioned yesterday about my uncle Tom turning down the first contract offer that he received from the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1951. But then the legendary Art Rooney, owner of the Steelers as well as the Pittsburgh Pirates, lured him back with a better offer.

Jan reminded me that a few years ago Tom told her that the offer he accepted was for $8,000. When Jan commented to Tom that it didn’t seem like a lot, he laughed and said that in 1952 it was a lot of money.

And in checking it I found out he was right. $8,000 in 1952 was the equivalent to about $80,000 today. While not a lot compared to what NFL players are making today, this is when a top of the line Chevy ran about $1,800, and a Cadillac convertible was about $3,400.

So yes, $8,000 was a bundle of cash in 1952.

Thought For The Day:

Why is it some women won’t date  a guy that still lives with his mom, but will date a man that still lives with his wife.