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DUNS . . .

Yesterday it was eBay. Today it was Dun & Bradstreet.

We’re in the process of having some topical anesthetic solutions made up by a chemical company that we haven’t dealt with before, and they want a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number to check us out.

So we gave them our DUNS number to check us and the company came back with a lot of questions, because the information they were seeing did not match what we had told them.

And when I went online to the Dun & Bradstreet and entered our DUNS number, I immediately saw what they were talking about. Much of our info looked to be mixed in with another company’s, and what there was of ours was corrupted, with typos and misspellings.

In fact it was so screwed up that when I tried to get authenicated so I could log in and correct the info, we couldn’t  answer their questions because we didn’t know the ‘correct’ incorrect answers.

So I spent most the day on and off the phone with the D&B people trying to get this straighten our. And with no luck so far.

A couple of days ago I saw that Amazon was having a nice sale on their Amazon Firesticks, both the regular and the 4K versions. And since we’re doing more and more streaming of TV and movies, I thought I’d take advantage of the sale.

Amazon Firestick4K

Amazon Firestick 4K

The regular version, normally $40 is now going for $25. But I went with the 4K version, which is usually $50, but was on sale for $35, a $15 savings. And even better for my renowned cheapness, this is one of those Amazon products that allows you to pay for it with no-interest payments, so $7 a month for 5 months in this case.

No, I don’t really save any money, but the longer I can delay giving people my money, the better I like it.

Although the Firestick duplicates many services that we already have on the SmartHub on our Samsung 43” TV, we do get some extra stuff, the thing I’m most interested in is the voice remote feature.

Firestick Remote

Rather than click a lot of keypresses using the TV remote on the SmartHub, Jan can just say, “Show me CuriosityStream”, and it will go straight to it.


I also signed us up for the free Pluto TV streaming service. And although it also duplicates at lot of the SmartHub and Firestick channels, what I’m interested in are the many dedicated channels, especially long-running TV shows. There is a Leverage channel, a This Old House channel, a Dog The Bounty Hunter channel, and what will probably be our favorite, a Classic Dr. Who channel.

And it all free!

Thought For The Day:

Predictions can be dangerous. Especially about the future.


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