Daily Archives: January 27, 2020


I spent most of the day today at work trying to get eBay to set up our Sales Tax Exemption Certificate so we don’t have to pay sales tax on items we buy for resale. Which in our case are mostly used electrolysis epilators that we buy, recondition, and resell on our website and from our paper catalog.

Every time I fill out the form they want, then they ask me for something else. And it really shouldn’t be that difficult.

The last one I went over before I left for the day seems to say that we have to fill out and submit a 2 page form to them every time we buy something on eBay. Which could be as many as 10 to 20 times a week, each form customized to the seller’s full information and a copy of the invoice and  the amount we’re paying.

I’ve already sent them a copy of our Sales Tax Exemption Certificate which is all we have to normally show anyone to not pay sales tax.

So I’ll see what they come up with tomorrow.

I’m also working on a front panel graphic design for our own line of electrolysis machines we’re having made for us in Poland.

I stopped off at Costco on the way home this afternoon and was happy to find that the price had dropped about 6 cents a gallon, and was now at $1.99. Very nice.


Nick Russell’s latest tome in his Big Lake series, Big Lake Quarterback, went live on Amazon this afternoon.

Big Lake Quarterback

I’ve got my copy. Now you get yours.

Thought For The Day:

The foolishness of one’s actions or words is determined by the number of witnesses.