Daily Archives: January 1, 2018

Jan’s In The Hospital . . .

Jan’s spending the night in the hospital. But it’s not really serious.

But kind of,.

She got hit with a combination of a kidney stone(s) and a UTI infection which all kind of knocked her for a loop.

Last night at Brandi’s she woke up nauseated and vomiting, and then passed a stone around 4:30am. And at the same time she started fighting off the UTI, I guess. But she’d had no other symptoms previouisly. But she was very drowsy and very weak and had trouble walking by herself.

I brought her back down to Clear Lake Regional where she used to work and took her to the emergency room. That’s when they discovered the UTI, and a second kidney stone after a CAT scan. And this is a big one, a little over 1 cm, which is closing in on 1/2 inch, too big to pass.

So tomorrow sometime they plan on going in and removing it.

That’s all I know now, but I’ll keep you updated. I’m going to bed.