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Jan’s Home!

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After a lot of starts and stops, I picked up Jan at the hospital entrance a few minutes after 4pm. And boy was she glad to get out of there. Kind of like escaping from prison.

Our first stop was at my client’s to pick up an Amazon package that came in today, then off to Sam’s Club to pick her Levaquin prescription. Levaquin is the antibiotic she’ll be on for the next 3 weeks. They also gave us a couple scripts for a painkiller and something for spasms, but they’re both p.r.n. or ‘as needed’, so we’ll wait and see if they’re needed before picking them up.

Then it was on to King Food for a big bowl of their Hot & Sour Soup and an order of their Crispy Chicken Wings with Garlic Butter Sauce. Really delicious. We were first introduced to these by Brand and Lowell at our Christmas Eve dinner at King Food.

We were back at the about 6:30 and Jan was really happy to be on her sofa again. She’s getting around fine on her own, but still a little shaky so she takes it slow.

Looks like they will be taking care of her remaining kidney stone using Lithotripsy as they had thought. That procedure is scheduled for 11:30 January 12th. She also has a meeting scheduled with the anesthesiologist for the 10th to go over things beforehand.

The Headline of the Day :
Pennsylvania inmate loses appeal that drugs hidden in his buttocks weren’t his.

Thought for the Day: 

A simple rule of life: if you can be blamed, you’re responsible.


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