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Just in Time . . .

I mentioned the other day about my time crunch getting a mail-out ad card designed and the mailing list  culled and cleaned up and off to the direct mail company by 1pm today.

It didn’t help that I was having to dodge the workmen putting up the new sheetrock ceiling throughout  the office. Everything needed to be uploaded by 1 so that it could be printed, addressed, and in the mail by Tuesday morning. And I did it just in time with 5 minutes to spare.

Here’s the ad card I came up with:

FRONT:New Feb 2018 Card2


Feb 2018 Mailing Side2

I could have probably done a little better without the time-crunch, but the client was really happy and that’s what matters.

Up until recently there were three blogs I read every day.  The first one, and the only one still left, is our good friend Nick Russell’s Gypsy Journal Blog.

The other two were Dr. Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor and Robert Bruce Thompson’s Daynotes Journal.

If most people have heard of Jerry Pournelle, it’s as a best-selling science fiction writer, authoring dozens of books over the years. But most people don’t know about his involvement in the very beginnings of the home computer revolution, and in the nation’s space program.

He is credited with originating the very first blog, before the term (weB LOG) was even created. He called it a ‘Daybook’ and it ran on BIX (Byte Information Exchange) and GEnie networks starting in the 1985 timeframe, almost 10 years before the World Wide Web got cranked up. However, he never called his Daybook a blog, since he never liked the term.

The other thing he was first in, was submitting the first major published book written on a home computer word processor . . . in 1977.

He started working in the aerospace industry with Boeing in the late 1950’s, working on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. He also was a consultant on the space program to President George H.W. Bush

Unfortunately Dr. Pournelle died at the age of 84 in September 2017. So now I was down to two.

Robert Bruce Thompson started out in 1980’ writing top-selling computer books, like Building The Perfect PC, PC Hardware in a Nutshell, PC Hardware Buyer’s Guide. etc. His prolific output lasted into the early 2000’s when the market for computer books faded.

But Robert was a chemist by background and in 2009, lamenting the death of the home chemistry set, started producing a line of Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Biology, and Forensic Lab Kits specifically aimed at homeschoolers, but usable by anyone who was interested.

The kits allow students to cover every thing normally available in the public school course, but on their kitchen counter.

Chemistry Kit Contens

And along with the kits, he also wrote the almost 400 page manuals that went with them.

RBT Biology Manual

In addition to all this, he was also into the prepping scene and regularly talked about long-term food storage, and being prepared for any disaster, natural or man-made, that might interrupt our way of life.

A real Renaissance man.

At 64 he seemed to be in good health, but about six weeks ago he caught a cold he couldn’t seem to shake and went to the doctor for the cough. The doctor gave him decongestants and other things and sent him home.

A week later he went to the ER because he was having trouble breathing. He was immediately hospitalized with congestive heart failure. And he never came out.

Although the blog posts from his wife and friends put a good face on how well he was doing, and how much he was improving, reading between the lines dispelled this.

He died six days ago on January 20th.

And that was two.

So don’t get sick, Nick. I’m running out of blogs.

The Headline of the Day:
Fugitive inmate busted sneaking back INTO prison.

Thought for the Day: 

The only reason a great many American families don’t own an elephant is that they have never been offered an elephant for a dollar down and easy weekly payments. ~ Mad Magazine