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Big Winner . . .

First thing this morning I went outside to take a look at a truck problem For the last few weeks, my oil pressure gauge has been going wacky.

At least I assume it’s the gauge/oil pressure sender unit since I can drive for long distances with the gauge setting on zero. So unless I have a ‘magic’ engine that can run for hours with no oil pressure, then it’s either the sensor or the wiring.

I’m eliminating the gauge itself since when it drops to zero, I also get a CHECK GAGE light, which means the light is also getting bad info.

But today I was trying to check the easiest possible problem – a dirty/intermittent wiring harness connector. The sensor/connector is located on the lower driver’s side of the engine right about the oil filter. I don’t have any ramps or jacks, but I was hoping I could get under the truck to unplug the connector and spray it with Strike-Hold.

But I couldn’t get far enough underneath to reach the plug. In the past I’ve driven the truck up on a curb to raise one side enough to get underneath. But no curbs here at the park. I’ll have to check with our son Chris to see if I can run by and have him take a shot at it. Plus he has jacks and ramps.

If have to replace the sensor it gets a little more complicated. Since the sensor is sticking into the oil itself, you’ve got to be REALLY fast removing the old one and replacing it with the new one.

Otherwise you need to drain the oil first. So it would be nice to have cleaning the connector fix the problem.

After calling to be sure she was working today, about 12:30 we headed up to Pasadena to see our friend Julie and have lunch at the Monterey’s Little Mexico where she works.

We’ve known Julie for years, when she worked at the Monterey’s down here in Dickinson. But that location was taken out by Hurricane Harvey, and won’t reopen until sometime in March. Hopefully.

Right before we got on I-45 we made a stop at the HEB to get gas. I’m not sure what’s going on in the oil market, but gas had jumped another 10 cents a gallon since yesterday.

And to think it was just $1.93 right before Christmas.

Of course I never go to Monterey’s that I don’t get their fantastic Chicken Tortilla Soup, and so I did this time. Jan however went a little different, getting their Chicken Ixtapa, a grilled chicken breast  with sautéed veggies and charro beans.

Saying our goodbyes and coming back home we made a atop at the HEB again, this time for a few things, and to check my lottery ticket. But as I looked around I didn’t see the Lotto machine. Turns out that HEB is out of the lottery business, and has removed the machines.

So where was I supposed to cash in my Big Winner $2 ticket?

The Headline of the Day:
  Woman denied emotional support peacock on United Airlines flight

Thought for the Day:

Drill for oil?’ You mean drill into the ground to try and find oil? You’re crazy.” – Driller who Edwin L. Drake tried to enlist to his project to drill for oil in 1859.


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