Daily Archives: February 1, 2019

A Nice Long Chat . . .

My sale prices went online on the website right at midnight. Or I assume they did, since they were there a little after 1am when I checked. What didn’t work for some reason was that the banner ads did not switch over. So I had to do that manually, but that only took a couple of minutes, so no problem.

Of course we’ll see what happens when it’s all supposed to go back to normal at midnight on 1 March 2019.

I spent a good bit of the day at work adding a lot of new products to the website and the catalog, but I also got the a new hard drive installed in the webserver. Luckily I was able to hot-install it without shutting down the server. Once I get it configured I’ll use it to do regular image backups.

I did have a nice long chat today with Cummins Tech Support concerning rig’s oil leak, and he had actually seen something like this. It seems that if the thin rubber gasket around the edge of the filter is not thoroughly wetted down with oil, it can dry rot and very tiny pieces can stick to the mounting flange when the filter is removed.

LF9009 Gasket

Then when the new filter is installed this can be enough to cause a small leak under the pressure of the engine’s oil system. When I questioned whether or not losing 2 gallons in a couple of hundred miles qualified as a ‘small leak’, he laughed  and said a large leak would pump all the oil out in just a few minutes.

When I asked about why we did a 90 minute test drive at highway speeds with no leakage, he said that the heating and cooling of the filter during the test drive could have reseated it slightly enough to cause it to leak the next time.

So at least now I’ve got an idea of what might be wrong, and where to go from here.

For dinner tonight we had our leftover El Bosque meal from yesterday. Combined with some of our own vegetables, it was almost as good as yesterday. Almost.

Tomorrow evening we’re headed up to Pearland for the 2nd Annual Tony Booth’s Birthday Bash. Tony is a long-time friend of ours from our Alvin Opry days, and we try to catch up with him when we can.

Tony Booth 2019 Birthday Bash

Tony has played with Buck Owens, Gene Watson, and many others, plus has had a number of charted hits over the years, as well as a number of ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards, including Most Promising Male Vocalist of The Year  in 1972.

Really looking forward to it.

Beforehand we plan on having dinner at the Monterey’s Little Mexico there in Alvin. Always good.

Thought for the Day: 

Why is it that once you’re over the hill, it seems like you begin to pick up speed.