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You Know You’re In A Country-Western Joint When . . .

After a do-nothing morning, Jan and I headed out about 12:30 to once again have breakfast at The Egg and I. Love their Hazelnut coffee.

Then it was on over to my client’s office to install some new software. UPS has recently released their Worldship 2019 software, but it takes about 30 minutes to install, which would tie up the main computer during the day, so I came in today to take care of it. Then while I was there I also tracked down and repaired another problem with our Point of Sale software’s remote terminal.

Finishing up and heading home, we made a Costco gas stop at $1.75/gallon. Up a penny since last week.

Catching up on last night,

You Know You’re In A Country-Western Joint When . . .

There’s Cornmeal on the dance floor to make slide-stepping easier.

Billy's Event Hall Cornmeal

BYOB means a bottle of Crown Royal on the table.

Billy's Event Hall Crown Royal

And you pee in a trough in the Men’s Room.

Thankfully no photo for this.

After eating dinner at the Monterey’s Little Mexico in Alvin, we headed on up SR35 to Pearland and Billy’s Event Hall, a country-western venue that we’ve been to twice before, both times Tony Boothrelated.

The music started right on time at 7:30 and the crowd hit the dance floor.

Billy's Event Hall Stage

Billy's Event Hall Dancing

Tony gave us his usual great show and we had a chance to catch up with him during the break.

Billy's Hall Tony

Strangely enough none of our Alvin Opry regulars were there, except for one we have not actually seen in years.

Billy's Event Hall Miranda

We first saw Miranda preforming at the Alvin Opry in the late 90’s when we first started going there. And she was great.

We told her we still remembered her at one of the Alvin Opry’s Legends shows. These were where the performers dressed up as their favorite stars and then sang their signature songs, mimicking them as closely as possible.

And some of them were dead on. One guy did a perfect job as Johnny Cash, and another one was a walking, talking, singing George Jones. After his “He Stopped Lovin’ Her Today”, you had tears in your eyes.

But one Legends show, Miranda brought down the house. The first set she came out as Tina Turner, complete with the gold fringe dress. She proceeded to strut the stage, belting out “Proud Mary” to the point that when she was done, the audience was stunned to the point that it was a few seconds before they burst into a standing ovation.

But believe it or not, she topped it all when she came out for the 2nd set  as Dolly Parton!

She said she still sings at clubs, but mostly jazz now. That’s certainly country music’s loss.

Even nicer, she asked me for a dance.

Thought for the Day:

Whose cruel idea was it for the word ‘lisp’ to have ‘s’ in it?