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Like Carvana, But Smaller . . .

If you haven’t been able to tell, we’re having blog problems again. But this time it’s a problem with the Brava theme that I use.

It was working last night and early this morning, but died later in the morning. It’s apparently theme-related, since temporarily changing to a new theme fixes the problem. Temporarily, I hope!

I’m working on it.

If you missed yesterday’s blog due to the outage, be sure and go back and check it out.

Jan and I headed out about 11:45 up to the Friendswood area to meet up with some old Alvin Opry friends for a Mardi Gras lunch, complete with beads and a Mardi Gras King Cake.

But along the way we first stopped so I could get my hair cut. I also had him trim my beard just like last time, but I guess he misplaced my haircut records, or maybe my beard records, because he trimmed it a good big shorter than before. Leaving me with more like a Miami Vice 5 o’clock shadow.

Then it was on over to the La Casita Mexican Restaurant to meet  up with old friends, several of them who we haven’t seen in a good while.

La Casita Mardi Gras Party

We used to eat at La Casita all the time when the kids were little, but somehow got away from it. But it seemed just as good as we remembered.

Jan and Me at La Casita

Jan and I both had the Grilled Chicken Breast with Grilled Onions and Charro Beans.

La Casite Chicken dle la Plancha

Really good.

And of course, no Mardi Gras party is complete with a slice of King Cake.

La Casita King Cake

Luckily we didn’t get the Baby.

One thing I noticed was this mural in our dining room.

Cocorvada Hacienda

I was confused because this translates as the Hunchback’s Estate. I mean, do a lot of hunchbacks own haciendas?

When I asked the owner about it, he laughed and said he’d wondered about that too. He said it was his great grandfather’s village in Mexico. So when he asked his grandfather about it, he was told that the name came from a nearby mountain range.

Guess it’s better than the meaning of the Grand Tetons.

Saying our goodbyes after a great get-together, Jan and I headed over to the nearby WalMart for a few things, including picking up an online order that we made the other day.

I’m sure you’ve see those Carvana commercials featuring their Car Vending Machine.

Well, I was surprised to find that WalMart has their own version.

WalMart Pickup Tower 1

When you approach the keyboard housed in the base of tower, the window opens allowing you to enter your order number.

WalMart Pickup Tower 2

Then after a few seconds the hidden door above the keyboard opens and there’s your order.

WalMart Pickup Tower 3


Makes me want to order something else just to try it again.

Thought for the Day: 

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?


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