Daily Archives: February 8, 2019

The gods conspire . . .

Apparently the gods are conspiring against my rig’s oil leak repair. The weather has been, is, or will be, cold, or rainy, or cold and rainy. And looks to be that way tor the next week or so.

So far I’m not really impressed with my new Digital Thermostat that I want to use for my refrigerator.

WiFi Thermostat

I contacted the manufacturer yesterday describing the problem and got a email back today asking “to kindly send us a video showing the problem.”

Here was my reply:

I guess I’m confused.
What is there to video?
I downloaded the app to my phone.
I plugged in the temperature probe to the unit.
I then plugged the unit into AC power.
The unit started displaying temperature information and the Red indicator light came on.
And after trying everything in the manual, I was never able to get the Red light to flash, either slow or fast, so I could
Is the unit defective, or is there something else to try?
Should I return the unit to Amazon?

So now I wait to hear back.

Lately we’ve had a problem with Miss Karma playing “Kitten On The Keys”, i.e. lying, sleeping, dancing, etc., on the computer keyboard. Yesterday she cratered the Desktop somehow, and I had to reboot in Safe Mode and run Repair to get it back. So I looked for some kind of cover to go over the keyboard, but after a little Googling I came up with a (cheaper, i..e free) software solution.

And that solution is Keyboard Locker, a free app for your PC or laptop. Just download it and run it. Then when you want to lock your keyboard, type CTRL+ALT+L. And when you want to unlock it, just type “unlock”. Easy Peezy.

And Cheap.

Sometime in the last few months the Google Calendar on my Samsung S8+ phone no longer syncs up with the Google Calendar on my Samsung Tab 4 tablet. If I enter an event on my phone, it doesn’t show up on my Tab. But if I enter an event on my Tab, it does show up on my phone.

Nor does anything from my phone show up on the PC version of Google Calendar.

BUT if I post an event on the PC version, it shows up on BOTH my phone and my tablet.

What’s up with that?

I’ve gone through and compared all the settings and everyone is talking to the same Gmail account, with the same calendars selected. I’ll keep working on it.

At yesterday’s RV show, I did notice a satellite dealer carrying Winegard domes for both Dish and DirecTV. And he was noticeably not mentioning that the DirecTV version will be useless in the next few months when DirecTV starts dropping SD channels to replace them with HD and 4K channels. And he didn’t look real happy when I call him on it in front of several other customers.

He did say that Winegard should have an HD version of the CarryOut dome on the market by April. Will be checking it out.

Tomorrow looks to be do-nothing day, except for brunch at The Egg and I about 1:30 or so, with a stop by my client’s to check a hard drive cloning job I left running on our webserver there.

Then Sunday it’s back up to Sugarland to watch Landon play hockey, along with lunch at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood.


* * * * *

The Headline of the Day: Women Eaten By Pigs After Collapsing in Pen.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to “Pork: The Other White Meat”, doesn’t it.

Thought for the Day: 

“One does not have to joke when one is the joke”  – Confucius