I Tried, I Really Did . . .

But I couldn’t get my phone to sync up with my laptop, so I have no photos to post.

About 10:30am, Jan and I headed up to Brandi’s in Katy to spend Easter weekend, our last time together until the end of May.

Jan made her world-famous Sausage Balls, while I went with Lowell to get the dogs washed at a nearby do-it-yourself doggie wash. I dog-sat with one of them in the car while Lowell did the first one and the other. Otherwise the one left in the car by himself gets jealous and creates havoc.

Normally Lowell takes one from home and then comes back and takes the other one, so this just saved him a trip.

Brandi 8

Tomorrow we’re having a whole horde of folks over for a combo Easter dinner/pool party, with at least two dozen or more people here.

Should be fun

A longer blog tomorrow..



4 Responses to I Tried, I Really Did . . .

  1. Cat Lady says:

    Happy Easter, Greg and Jan. Have you given up on your Thousand Trails membership and just stay at one park now or do you plan to get back on the road at some later date and will use it then? Head scratches to Karma. I’m looking forward to “our cruise” coming up shortly. Thanks for taking us along.

    • gregwhite says:


      We’ll probably never get ‘back on the road’ to the extent we were in the past, but we haven’t given up our TT membership yet.

      Plus in 2021 I can drop it with no penalty, so I may just wait until then anyway.


  2. Anne Willis says:

    When my phone won’t sync to my laptop, I email my photos to myself, open and save to my laptop. Then I have what I need for my blog.

    • gregwhite says:


      The problem iwth that for me is that I take photos at the highest possible resolution, so the file sizes are very large, i.e, 12 to 15 MB, or even higher.

      And many email systems won’t allow attachments larger than 10 MB. And even if they would fit, the time to do a bunch one email at a time would be a pain.

      I do have to sleep sometime. LOL.


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