They’re Officially Stumped . . .

I was on the phone with Cummins Tech Support for about 45 minutes, as they went back and forth, talking with various people, trying to figure out what was going on with my oil filter adapter problem.

But they finally came back with “We’re Stumped.”

Well, that was helpful.

I think that part of the problem is that these guys are not mechanics, but just tech support, reading from the same bulletins that I am. So now I have 3 paths to follow now.

1. Call the RV Mobile Lube people to see if they might have any input on the problem.

2. Call the local Cummins repair place up north of Houston, and see I can talk to a ‘real’ mechanic to see if they have any ideas.

And also check with one of the Rush Truck Centers to see if they have some ideas. Rush was the place out in Los Cruces that repaired our bad fuel line sensor back in 2012, the only time I’ve had to put our rig in the shop.

3. The next thing that I’m going to do personally is to put the 4 bolts back in the adapter, fill the filter with oil and then reinstall it. This will let me crank up the engine, and lower the rig so I can hopefully reach the adapter with my hand.

When I can do this I’ve got two things to try.

Rig Oil Filter Closeup

First, can I push in the small pin until it’s flush with the shaft. This might release the adapter so it will slide off the shaft?


Second, can I pull down on the shaft and then turn it,  perhaps releasing a lock up inside the adapter, letting it come loose?


Jan and I have been going over the Fall TV schedule, anticipating some new shows like Emergence, Prodigal Son, and Stumptown. And mourning the loss of favorites like Instinct.

Instinct was set to be renewed, and ended the season with a big cliffhanger. But then it was apparently cancelled at the last moment, leaving us all hanging, so to speak.

Maybe another network will pick it up.

Our cold ‘snap’ is looking better and better, with the high on Wednesday now forecast to be 80°. And it never got out of the 80’s at all today.

Very nice.

Thought For The Day:

Does the Black Bear Diner know guys, or what?

Black Bear Urinal



3 Responses to They’re Officially Stumped . . .

  1. Rob says:

    From what little I’ve heard that Stumptown might be a good one.

    Good luck with the filter leak.

  2. Phil says:

    Something does not make sense. Looked up the part number & this is what comes up

    The four bolts are not visible, however it looks like the mounting is different from yours.

  3. Donald Wubben says:

    If you look closely at your picture it looks to me as if there’s some tool that goes into the four places of the bolts and pushes down on the three shiny spots on the inside around the pin (those shiny spots what gives if a pusher or puller can be used on those areas) if this is the case there might be just enough to push down and pull the pin out without any problem there for releasing whatever the spring apparatus is behind it and pull out the total front of the oil distribution adapter after they had so much problem with it they redesigned it and it’s on a recall some place but it sure looks to me like you have to have some tool push it slightly down to pull the pin out and then after that gasket the spring and stuff is going to be a bear to put it back in so Cummins changed it. changed it so that it could just be tightened in with a bolt. I’m thinking the text know nothing about it because of the age of the vehicle or motor and it was one of those little slip through things that they only did maybe a hundred motor of them or less.

    Kind of like some of the Ford’s trucks EPA required them to change the timing gear in the bottom and move the timing 7 and 1/2 degrees forward to meet the EPA rules but that timing gear only works with the factory original camshaft so if you change it for an RV camshaft you have to revert back to the old timing gears for it to run correctly and to be able tune. I only find one reference in all the net that this was the case I got the old gear and I have a truck that runs great now before that what a mess.

    Hoping this might help and point you in the right direction to correct the manufacturer’s error of Cummins.

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