50 Years Ago Today . . .

This is where it happened.

Rm 3420 Internet

And this is what it was done with.

ITT Teletype

And this what it was.

Birthplace of the Internet

As the plaque says, this was the birthplace of the Internet. Not the Web, but the underlying Internet. The Web,which runs on the Internet, didn’t come along until the 1992-93 timeframe. Until this date, all computers were independent of each other and didn’t communicate amongst themselves.

You can read all about it here.

Birth of the Internet

The whole Internet idea came about from the military wanting a secure communications system between military installations, one that couldn’t be easily knocked out, you know, by an Russian H-Bomb taking out Chicago, or something.

With a ‘net’ configuration like this,

Net Graphic

the idea was that if one ‘node’, or city, if you will, is taken out, the data will automatically be routed along a different path to the destination. But this re-routing can also happen without losing a city, and happens routinely today.

Your data, whether it’s an email, a photo, or website text, is made up of packets of bytes, anywhere from 1000 to 1500 bytes. And these packets may be split up along the way, in many cases not arriving in the order that it was sent out. But the system on the receiving end knows how to reassemble them into the correct order.


I was using the Internet email system from the mid-80’s, and was on the Web in early 1993. And it ‘s been a wild ride every since.

And Al Gore’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere

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