If Goofy Is A Dog, What Is Pluto?

I’m sure most of you heard about the big explosion at the factory here in Houston last Friday morning. Occurring at about 4:15am, it unfortunately killed two employees who had come in early to use the exercise facilities. It was very lucky that the blast didn’t happen a couple of hours later, because then the entire workforce would have been on site.

Houston Factory Explosion

The strength of the blast totaled almost 50 homes, and damaged almost 300 more, with debris found over a mile away. And the sound of the explosion was heard much further away.

Our daughter Brandi was awake at the time and heard the blast. And she lives almost 15 miles from the site. She said all the dogs even started barking at the same time too.

But wait, there’s more.

Brandi works as Inside Broker for CRC Insurance, the largest commercial insurance and reinsurance company in the country. And as it turns out, her company is the brokerage for both Watson Grinding and Manufacturing and Watson Valve Services. The two companies are (or were) located side by side, and are under the same corporation, but are actually separate companies with separate insurance policies.

At this time authorities are still not sure which company’s building caused the blast.

And on another strange coincidence, Brandi’s husband Lowell, who is a Shipping Booker for AAACooper Transportation, said that both these two companies are customers and he calls on them regularly.

I mentioned the other day about a free streaming service called Pluto TV. There are native apps for it both on our Samsung TV and my new Amazon Firestick 4K unit, or you can just go to PlutoTV.com on your computer.

One thing I noticed on Pluto TV is how sharp the old programs are. We were watching one of the classic TV channels that was showing Dennis The Menace. It was crystal-clear sharp, like it had been filmed yesterday, but in B&W.

And the other thing was that it was still funny. Probably a lot funnier than today’s shows will be in 60 years.

Finally, another good source for streaming cable channels is USGOTV. Pretty much every thing is available on here, from A&E to WeTV. And more.

Check it out.

Thought For The Day:

I really do try to see the best in people. But seriously, some of you are making it really,  really hard.


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