More Drums . . .

We’ve almost caught up on our TV shows that we lost track of during the two weeks we were up in Kingsland and Luling back at the end of November. Then we DVR’d the final episodes but didn’t watch them until we could catch up with the older ones.

So now after using streaming to watch the missing episodes, and then the final DVR episodes, we’ve caught up on Evil, Stumptown, Emergence, and Prodigal Son, so we only have the the last episode of Bull to finish us up. And we’ll take care of that one this weekend.

We also really liked the twist at the end of the winter finale of Emergence. Talk about a surprise. One of our favorite.

Especially since the little girl is named Piper.

Since they were so good on Wednesday, we did another batch of drums this evening. Only more of them.

We had only done 10 last  time since that’s how many were in 1 package. And Jan graciously gave me one of her five, so I had six and she had four. And about 3 into her 4, she started to regret her magnanimity.

So this time we did 15 drums instead of 10, and this time Jan got 8 and I got 7.

I did increase the Baking Soda to 3 Tbsp., up from 1 since I was doing more drums and thought I was a little short on the Baking Soda last time.

Ninja Foodie 15 wings coating

Then I put them on the tray and popped them into the Air Fryer, and they came out looking like this.

Ninja Foodie 15 wings Done

Next time I’m going to reverse the tray at the 13 minute halfway point since it looks like the front half cooks a little faster than the rear. Otherwise they were delicious, mine with just Kraft Bacon Ranch as a dip, and Jan’s with a Bacon Ranch/Spicy Szechuan sauce dip.

And in this case, Jan decided that 4 drums weren’t enough but 8 was1 too many. So I got an extra one back. Yea!

You might have the commercials that just started running for SingleCare. Being hawked by Martin  and Charlie Sheen, SingleCare looks to be a discount drug service similar to GoodRX.

But based on my personal comparisons, it doesn’t really measure up. Here are side-by-side comparisons of 2 drugs that Jan and I take.

You be the judge.

That’s SingleCare on the left and GoodRX on the right.

SingleCare vs GoodRx Atvor

SingleCare vs GoodRs Sil

You think maybe if they weren’t putting out the big bucks for Martin and Charlie, that they might able to come up with some better discounts?

Yeah, me too.

Thought For The Day:

It’s not enough to hold winning cards, ya gotta’ know how to bet ’em.



4 Responses to More Drums . . .

  1. Cat Lady, Baton Rouge, La. says:

    Greg, I’m confused about the GoodRx.  Do you use it it conjunction with your regular prescription account with Blue Cross and/or Medicare?

    • gregwhite says:


      GoodRX and SingleCare, I guess, are phone apps. Download the app for free and enter your prescription name (Brand Name or Generic), and the size and quantity. The app will show you the price you will pay at a number of pharmacies in your area.

      In some cases, you just tell them you want the GoodRX price, or you may have to show them the price on your phone. Or you may have to print out a coupon or show them a QR code on your phone.

      This is completely separate from any insurance. Jan and I only have Medicare without the drug plan and it really works for us. However, if you’ve got a prescription drug plan it might not help that much. But try it and see.


  2. When I do wings I get the fresh smaller ones and cut them in half myself. We think the smaller wings taste better than the BIG ol frozen ones. I’m curious about the Baking Soda… It seems to me it would change the taste of the chicken, soda is bitter. The recipe I use is for 20 wing pieces: 2 Tbsp olive oil, salt (or seasoning salt) and pepper. Season wings to taste and toss in olive oil place in Air Fryer at 390* for 10 minutes, turning halfway. They come out crispy and perfect every time. Of course, larger wings do take a little longer.

    I have used the Air Fryer for hash browns, bacon, sausage etc… Last night I did crispy Parmesan chicken,  I have even scrambled eggs in it. The ideas are endless and healthy. ♥

    • gregwhite says:


      Like I said, we both prefer the drumettes. More meat and less chewing on little bones. LOL. And the ones we get from HEB are not frozen, but fresh.

      If the baking soda is bitter, it sure doesn’t come through on the chicken. Our daughter Brandi told us about it, and the baking soda tip is all over the Keto sites.

      Otherwise your timing tips are about what we use.

      Great to hear from y’all.

      Greg and Jan

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