That Wonderful Stuff . . .

Yesterday we finally got a chance to try out Jan’s favorite new Christmas gift, a Ninja Foodie Digital Air Fryer Oven.

Ninja Foodie Oven

The Ninja folks don’t  make it easy to keep track of their Foodie line, what white 5 different appliances, including a blender.

Our daughter Brandi has one and loves hers, so I got Jan one too. And it works great for us, since, although it’s larger than the Toaster Oven it replaces, it folds up out of the way for storage, leaving us more counter room

Ninja Foodie Counter

But just in case she might decide she doesn’t like it, we’re keeping the old Toaster Oven around for a while, anyway.

The first thing Jan wanted to do with the Oven was to Air Fry some chicken wings, or in this case, drums. Brandi told us they were fantastic and gave us her really simple recipe.

1 Tbsp. of Baking Soda
1 Tsp. of Salt
2 Tsp. of Pepper

Apparently the Baking Soda is the secret to really crispy wings. Or at least, so says the Internet . . . and Brandi

Here’s what our Foodie looks like folded up.

Ninja Foodie Folded

And here it is folded down and ready to use.

Ninja Foodie Down

Out in front I’ve got the drums drying in paper towels, since they’re supposed to be as dry as possible.

After tossing the 10 drums in the breading,I arranged on the grill, not letting them touch.

I set the oven on Air Fry at 375° for 13 minutes and then turned the drums over. Then it was another 13 minutes at the same temp. Then I raised the temp to 420° for about 6 minutes and they were done.

Ninja Foodie Chicken Drums

And they were really crispy, crunchy, delicious. The only real problem was that we wanted more. We didn’t do anything special as far as sauce, just a small dip of Kraft’s Bacon Ranch Dressing, our favorite.

I  will however do things a little differently next time. The 1 Tbsp. of Baking Soda really wasn’t enough to thoroughly cover the drums, and the 1 Tsp. of Salt was a little too much. So I’ll try 2 Tbsp. of Baking, 1 Tsp. of Salt, and 4 Tsp. of Pepper next time to see how that works.

Jan’s cold is doing a lot better, especially since she’s sleeping so much better, due to what she calls “That Wonderful Stuff.” And that would be NyQuil NIghtime Severe Cold Medicine.

We got some good news today on the storage shed front. Rob, the park owner, said it was OK to put one up, and that we could put it right at the end of the patio where I pictured it.

RV Shed 2

But before we do this I want to get back on the rig’s oil leak problem.

Thought For The Day:

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3 Responses to That Wonderful Stuff . . .

  1. Lynn Cross says:

    Jan, I bought the Cuisinart Air Fryer in the spring of 2019. I finally used it in October.  Several people in the park have various brands, but I really needed one with a ‘toaster oven’. I have been using it off and on and it takes time getting use to the Air Fryer.  I use the recipes that comes with the unit & also bought a recipe book from the Diabetes Association. I find a ‘shrimp’ recipe to be good, but again, timing needs to be worked on.  Some meals are a ‘little too done’ and some need more time.  It is a challenge, but experimenting as I go along.  My ‘Air Fryer’ basket comes with a tray where the liquids fall on to it.  I use aluminum foil on the tray to capture the juices to avoid additional cleaning. Enjoy experimenting.

    • gregwhite says:


      Jan also wanted a replacement for her toaster oven which is why we got this one rather than one of those round ones that look like a Crockpot or Instapot.

      The bottom tray on ours is Teflon coating so it just wipes off. No mess.

      So far Jan loves it. And we’ll be doing more wings tomorrow night.

      Great to hear from you.

      Say HI to Dave.

      Greg and Jan

  2. Welcome to the Ninja family, lol. I am soooo hooked! I now own the Blender, the 3 in 1, the veggie chopper, the Foodi, the Grill and finally the Coffee Bar. Yep 6 appliances ALL Ninja. What a great product… Ed even told the man at the Ninja store to PLEASE stop making new stuff. ROFLOL Glad Jan is enjoying her new kitchen tool; as are you and Ed, for you two get to enjoy the yumminess it produces. Miss y’all, (((hugs)))  give Jan a BIG hug for me! Happy New Year my dear friends…

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