Why Take A Chance?

We had lunch at Twin Peaks once again, that’s twice in one week, and yes, this was completely Jan’s idea. Originally we were going to have lunch at Snooze, but it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, right?

Am I a lucky guy, or what?

Afterwards, we went by the Kroger’s Pharmacy on El Camino to pick up our first 3 month set of prescriptions under their Rx Saving Club, and there were no surprises.

The total was $36, the same as I had figured on. And much less than the $134 for the same ones under Sam’s Plus Card, and the $160 for the same ones at WalMart.

So in one three month order of our prescriptions, I saved more money than the $72 that the Kroger plan cost me for the entire year. In fact it covered that amount and left me $26 over. And once I cancel my Sam’s Club Plus membership, I’ll save another $55.

A really great deal.

According to online articles, more than 25% of the public have decided that they are not going to get the China virus vaccine, and they can’t think of anything that could change their mind.

I’m in this group. And I’ve told you why.

And even more just aren’t going to get the vaccine until it’s officially ‘FDA Approved’, as opposed to the ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ (EUA) that it was issued under now. Then they will think about.

Jan’s in this group

And more and more people are noticing the increasing number of severe complications and even deaths that seemed to be associated with CoVid vaccines.

In the U.S. according to the CDC VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) there have been almost 150,000 serious illnesses and over 4500 deaths associated with the CoVid vaccines. And that’s equal to all the deaths from all vaccines over the last 20 years. And a Harvard study done for the CDC shows that only a small percentage of complications/deaths are actually reported to VAERS.

And in Europe, it’s even worse, with almost 350,000 serious complications, and almost 8,000 deaths.

And yes, these are small percentages, compared to the total number of people who have been vaccinated, but as somebody once said that it’s serious if it’s a friend, family member, or even you.

And now with less than one third of the U.S. population having been fully vaccinated, the daily rate of vaccinations is dropping off rapidly. And for some reason the ‘authorities’ just can’t figure out why.

Well, it’s pretty obvious to me.

Between the stories of people getting CoVid weeks/months after already having had it, and the stories of people getting CoVid weeks/months after already having both shots, they’re thinking, “why take a chance?”

And of course, they’re also being told that even if you’ve already had  it, or have been vaccinated for it, you’ve still got to wear the mask, social distance, no groups over 25 people, no singing, no dancing, and even no standing.

And it’s even a joke in other countries as well. Not just the U.S.

Hong Kong Virus Rules

So in many people’s mind, if the vaccines don’t seem to really do any good, and they still have to follow all the CoVid rules, and the vaccine might kill them, “why take a chance?”

Why, indeed.

Thought For The Day:

Thinking Caps are no longer being issued, but there must be a warehouse full of them somewhere.



6 Responses to Why Take A Chance?

  1. Nancy says:

    I’m totally with you. Thanks for sharing the facts that the CDC and the government refuse to show. I imagine 5 years down the road there will be even MORE repercussions from those vaccinated. I’m not willing to take a chance. Around here we are throwing our masks away and our numbers continue to decline.

  2. Linda in NE says:

    We’re with you in not getting the jab. I’ve been keeping an eye on the VAERS reports too, but yours is more up to date. I’ve checked the European numbers as well and understand that their count is probably pretty accurate where the VAERS is voluntary submissions. Scary. And then there are the reports that miscarriages are up by about 30% and stillborn full term babies. Stories of unvaccinated women having the same strange symptoms as vaccinated women after being exposed to them.  Weird. And the jury is still out on infertility. But no need to worry, it will all be over by the end of July. The Biden administration said so and you know we can believe them! Have you ever tried talking to someone about these reports, especially if they’ve had the jab and are possibly diehard liberals. Suddenly they turn deaf and defensive.

  3. A James says:

    Hi there, I am a retired senior & I had Covid 19 last March ‘20- if you can get the Pfizer vaccine ,my very strong recommendation is Get It.I am still dealing with a number of The after effects- fatigue,diminished smell & taste plus variety of aches &pains not previously enjoyed- so for goodness sake protect yourself & your wife while you can— these latest variants are much worse & far more transmissible & lethal.All the best.

    • gregwhite says:


      Since I had to approve your first comment I assume you’re kind of new to the blog. So let me give you a little history.

      First off, my doctor says that there’s an 80% chance that I had the virus in Feb 2020. I had what I thought was just the flu, but after all the hoorah, I took the antibody test in May. At the same time my wife just had a head cold and the sniffles. So she probably had it too.

      Second, since last August my wife and I have been taking Quercetin and Zinc, plus D3. Quercetin is a Hydroxychloroquine analog, which according to data from other countries, does a good job of warding off the WuFlu.

      Whether it was the fact that my doctor said we probably had it, or Quercetin/Zinc/D3 combo, during Christmas we hugged a person, ate food she had prepared, and then 5 days later, she was diagnosed with the Virus. But we had no symptoms.

      And neither did her 80 year old husband, my client, who had been taking Quercetin/Zinc/D3 at my recommendation. She had not.

      Now the reason I’m not getting the shot under any circumstances is that in 1964 I got a seasonal flu shot, was nauseous within an hour, and throwing up for three days afterward. The next year, under protest, I got another flu shot, passed out within about 15 minutes, and woke up in the hospital about 10 days, having been in and out of consciousness, though I remember nothing about that time.

      I was told by the doctor that considering my increasingly severe reactions to the first two, another flu shot would likely kill me. And I’ve never had another flu shot since 1966.

      I mean, would you take the chance?

      Plus a large number of people who got the ‘vaccine’ are experiencing the exact same symptoms as you are. And other people are still getting the WuFlu after having been vaccinated months ago. In fact Oregon health officials have totaled 611 fully vaccinated people who have come down with the Virus, 6 of whom have died.

      My wife Jan, who spent 35 years in the medical field, said she might consider get the vaccine when it’s actually FDA Approved and fully tested for several years, rather than just being approved under a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) like all the vaccines are now.

      Finally, they’re now talking about everyone needing yearly ‘booster’ shots for the Virus. So then how is it a ‘vaccine’? We get Smallpox vaccinations, Mumps, Measles, Diptheria vaccinations, Polio vaccinations, etc., and it’s one and down.

      But if we have to have yearly shots, then it’s just another version of the seasonal flu shot, and very possibly might be combined into the seasonal one, just like there 3 or 4 different strains of flu included in the seasonal shot now every year.

      Welcome to the blog, and I look forward to further comments.


  4. Knott Kneeded says:

    This is hilarious! I’m sure ‘yall are convinced the earth is flat, too!

    • gregwhite says:


      Well, I’ve flown high enough to see the curvature of the earth, and processed live video from the Space Shuttle to see the big ball down below, so I know it’s round

      But I invite you to comment on or dispute any of the facts I’ve posted and show me where I’m wrong.

      I thoroughly research everything I post and normally have several sources. If you like I will be happy to send you the multiple links to my sources.

      Thanks for your comment and I look forward to hearing from you again.


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