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Family Traditions . . .

I’ll catch up on yesterday’s long, rainy trip later, but I don’t want to fall behind keeping up with what’s going on now.

We all headed out for breakfast about 9am to the local Denny’s in Vandalia, IL, which is actually part of the Pilot Truck Stop here.

“We all” consisted of Jan and I, Jan’s sister Debbie and her husband Jim,

Denny's Debbie and Jim

and Tana and Gwen, Debbie’s daughter and granddaughter.

Denny's Gwen and Tana

Gwen just graduated from high school a few months ago, and is already in college, majoring in psychology, taking after her 2nd cousin, Miss Piper.

Then it was on over to Rural King and WalMart for some shopping. Rural King is kind of a cross between Tractor Supply, WalMart, and a local feed store, and sell pretty much anything farm related, from farm equipment to bales of hay, to baby chicks and rabbits. And of course, boots, overalls, and hats.

And a lot of fun to wander through.

Then it was on over to WalMart to stock up on food and supplies for the total of 15 people that will be descending on here this afternoon, including Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, who will be arriving later this afternoon,

Debbie and Jim have about 10 acres out here in the country south of Vandalia, and Debbie’s green thumb is evident everywhere you look.

Debbie's Backyard

Off to the right is a large pond with fish and turtles for the kids to feed.

This is Trudy’s Garden.

Debbie's Trudy's Garden

It’s dedicated to Trudy Underwood, Debbie and Jan’s mother.

And these are two shots of the front of the house.

Debbie's Front of House

Debbie's Front of House 2

I once told Jan that the reason she doesn’t have a green thumb, and has been known to even kill plastic plants, is that Debbie ended up with both her share AND Jan’s.

And it shows.

Later, after a great dinner, all the kids and grandkids played games at the table.Debbie's Group of Girls

Mister Landon, being out numbered by the girls 7 to 1, wisely observed from the side. At least at first, But was soon in the middle of things.

More tomorrow from the City Museum in St Louis.

Thought For The Day:

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, AND wrong.” – H. L. Mencken