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And Now We’re Even . . . Older!

For the last couple of mornings it’s been nice enough for Jan and I to sit outside on our patio for our coffee and Flamboyance admiration. Even though it’s already in the 80’s, there’s always a little breeze, and the sun’s still behind the rig.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we had a reunion of Taft Broadcasting today at MomAlone’s Mexican Grill up in Webster starting at about 11am.

Taft was NASA’s main television contractor from back in the Gemini/Apollo days through the Challenger Disaster in 1986. During that time Taft supported the tests going on in the various buildings, the landing video from the T-38 chase planes, and the on-orbit video from the Shuttle itself.

After our last reunion in June 2016 this is the blog I posted back then.

When Did We All Get So Old . . .

And now we’re even older.

On the left here is Candace Horn, my co-worker Jack Horn’s wife, who is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, my Jan, of course, and Sharon Hosea, who lived in our same subdivision while we worked together.

Taft Reunion 2021 Candace, Jan, and Sharon

And here’s the entire motely crew. Unfortunately a number of people were out of town, and others scattered around the country, but still in touch.

Taft Reunion 2021 Group Shot

As things wound down, we ended up with a final group that sat around reminiscing for another couple of hours just talking over old times and wild tales.

Taft Reunion 2021 Final Group

We finally parted ways about 3:30, planning to get together again more often than another 5 years.

Hope so.

Thought for the Day:

On a recent forum, people were discussing kids being punished unfairly by teachers for disagreeing with them, and I said that it was nothing new.

It happened to me.

When I was in Mrs. Bryant’s 3rd grade class, 1956 or so, I got a spanking, when the teacher told another student that he would get lead poisoning writing on his arm with a pencil, i.e. pencil lead.

When I told her pencil lead wasn’t really lead, but carbon like charcoal, she said I was wrong, I said, “No, you’re wrong.”

That got me a spanking and 30 minutes standing in the corner. Then at the end of class, as we were leaving, she overhead me mumbling “She’s still wrong”, and I got another spanking.

I guess that was my version of Galileo’s “And yet it still moves.”

Unfortunately two spankings in one day was not my record. That would be three.

And now don’t you feel sorry for Jan for having to put up with me for almost 54 years.