Daily Archives: June 12, 2021

He Brought His Own Couch . . .

Still trying to catch up.

Somewhere around 2pm yesterday everybody headed down the hill to Lake Robinson. Though Pond Robinson might be closer.

Small lake or big pond. It’s a toss-up.

Pond Robinson

Some were going to swim, and some were going to watch. And some walked (or ran) down the hill, and some of us road in the 4 wheeler.

Debbie 4 Wheeler

Debbie Pond 1

Some swam while most of us just sat in the shade.

Pond Robinson Shade

Debbie Pond 2

And at any one time there were also two or three speedboats zipping around the pond.

Debbie Pond Fast Boat

And of course, where you have boats, you will have boating accidents.

The first was one of those dreaded “long hair caught in the propeller” tragedy’s.

Debbie Pond Boating Accident Hair

And of course the “running aground” situation. Or more like “stuck in the weeds”, I guess.

Debbie Pond Boating Accident Aground

Looking back at Casa Robinson.

Debbie Casa Robinson

One nice thing about having 10 acres here is that Jim has his very own shooting range.

The closest berm is for pistols and it’s about 50 yards from the shooting stand, and the further one, at about 100+ yards, is for rifles.

Debbie Photo Session Gun Range

Jim also has a trap machine for throwing clay pigeons for us shotgun enthusiast.

A really nice day.


Now finally catching up with today.

Today was another Robinson/White Reunion family tradition: The professional photo session.

And, yes, he brought his own couch.

Debbie Photo Session Couch

How’s that for ‘professional’?

Debbie Photo Session Wide View

It was already in the high 80’s by the time we started, and though we all started in the shade, the photographer ended up in the sun before it was over.

Debbie Photo Session Kibitzing

Debbie Photo Session Avery and Gwen

The photographer took a lot of photos of the different family groupings, and then ones with everybody.

Here’s the proof of our family grouping.

Nathan Photo White Family

Not too bad, except for that old guy on the left.

Thought For The Day:

Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, the courage to maintain my self-control, and the wisdom to know that if I act on it, I will go to jail!