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Baby Got New Shoes . . .

I’ve been wanting to do something about the steel wheels on our Jeep, pretty much the only cosmetic problem with it.

Jeep Steel Wheels 1

And yeah, I could mask them off, sand them, and paint them, but that’s a lot of work.

So I found a set of these ‘wheel skins’ on eBay, made especially for Jeep steel wheels. They’re very heavy, chrome-plated plastic and they snap on very easily, but have to be plied off. And the reviews are really good too.

Jeep New Wheel Rear

So I went from this

Jeep Old Wheels

to this.

Jeep New Wheels

Really nice.

Baby got new shoes.

About 1pm Jan and I headed out to have lunch at Los Ramirez once again, and it was probably the busiest we’ve seen them in the last year or so. At least 3/4’s full.

Then it was on up to the Home Depot for a couple of things for me, and a new plant for Jan. She wanted something in a pot that she could set out on the patio, so this is what she got.

Home Depot Jan New Plant

It’s rated for Partial Sun since it only gets it from about 10 to 3 each day.

And somehow a new addition to our Flamingo population made it back home with us too.

Home Depot New Spinning Flamingo

Wouldn’t want all the rest to be lonely.

A little before 5pm I started prepping the baby back ribs for the overnight marinating. I had purchased two packs of Smithfield Baby Back Ribs like these last week.

Smithfield Rib Pack

Cut up into 3-4 rib pieces, it looked like this.

Smithfield Ribs Cut Up

Next up, after patting the rib sections dry, I did the Shake N Bake thing with the rub mixture in a plastic bag, ending up with this first batch.

Smithfield Ribs with Rub

Actually the piece on the left is one of those solid meat chunks you sometimes find on the end of a rib. Really good.

After this, I put two rib sections in a vacuum bag, and then added 3 drops of Wright’s Liquid Smoke to each bag right before I vacuumed-sealed the bags. Or at least I mostly did. Some of the bags ended up with no drops because I forgot. So it will be interesting to if we notice any difference between the bags.

Wright's Liquid Smoke

I used the Wright’s based on a number of online reviews, and the fact that it’s actually ‘liquid smoke’.  They burn hardwood in a sealed system, catching the moist smoke and then condensing the liquid down and then bottling it. And it certainly smells that way when you open the bottle.

By the time I got through bagging it all, this is what I had.

Smithfield Ribs Sealed

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll get everything set up in the immersion cooker and start it going for 24 hours.

Looking forward to some good eats on Monday.

Later in the afternoon I put out our flag for the 4th of July weekend.

Patio with Flag


Thought For The Day:

Be careful when you blindly follow the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.