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It’s Nice To Be Recognized . . .

Jan and I just got word earlier this evening that long-time friend Leighan Cortes was killed in a traffic accident in Germany this past Monday.

Leighan Cortes

We’ve known Leighan for over 20 years since we started attending the Alvin Opry in the late 1990’s. And we were always taken with her wonderful voice.

She had recently been touring Europe with her father, posting photos from Italy and Germany. She leaves behind a husband and six children.

So sad!

This morning I booked our upcoming Christmas in Branson trip this coming December. Using Booking.com, I booked our hotels going and coming in Texarkana, and our 6 day stay in Branson.

I always use Booking.com, and have for years. Enough so that I’ve accumulated a lot of points raising me up to Genius Level 2, the highest one.

It’s nice to be recognized.

And it gets me nice perks like an additional 15% off the hotel’s usual rates, free breakfast at places that charge extra for it, and free room upgrades. Plus I can book rooms without any kind of deposit, and I can cancel right up until 6pm the day of the reservation.

Jan went into work with me this morning so she could have lunch with Bonnie, an old friend and former coworker. And unlike her Monday get-together, Bonnie showed up.

Coming home, Jan and I decided to have dinner at Gator’s once again. And this time we both got their Strawberry Walnut Salad with Chicken, Jan’s Grilled and mine Blackened.

Gator's Strawberry Walnut Salad

On my salad, that double pile of onions was originally avocado slices, but those go to Jan and I get her onions. An even trade.

I recently got a new shirt for my collection.


It seems there’s a lot of people thinking about this more and more. And it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Texas, being the only separate COUNTRY that became a State, retains the right to leave the Union and become a country again.

So don’t count it out!

Thought For The Day:

The World’s Worst Photographer!

The World's Worst Photographer

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