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Planning Our Next-Next Trip . . .

Well, I got our front AC back up and running this afternoon. And it didn’t cost me anything.

This was the Culprit

The AC Culprit

This is what remains of the wire nut that connecting the black power wire coming from the circuit breaker to Power In on the AC Control Box. The joint apparently got hot enough to melt the wire nut and allow the bare joint to contact the uninsulated ground wire inside the Romex cable that feeds from the breaker box and short everything out.

At first I thought the problem was that the AC was pulling too much current, enough to overheat the connection. But when I hooked things back up temporarily and used my clamp-on ammeter I found the unit pulling the standard ~ 14 amps.

So when I hooked up the new Control Box back in March, either the wire nut I used was defective, or I just didn’t get a good joint when I put it together.

So when I put all back together, I first coated the joints with dielectric grease and used different wire nuts. So we’ll see how it does this time.

While we’re planning our next trip, Christmas time in Branson, MO, we’re also talking about our next-next trip, this time back to Alaska. But not a cruise this time.

We’ve had two Holland America cruises canceled out from underneath us, one in September of 2020 and its replacement, one in May 2021. So this time we’re just going to do it on our own. And no, we’re not RVing up there, we already did that it 2008,

We’re just going to fly up to Fairbanks, probably next May, and spend a couple of weeks just wandering around. We were already planning to kind of do this anyway, combined with our cruise(s).  Since our cruise(s) both started from Fairbanks, we were going to fly up a week early and do our own thing for the first week. So now we’ll just do it for both weeks.

Around 10am this morning I ordered something on Amazon and this came up.

Amazon Prime Today

First time I’ve seen this. And I thought Next Day was fast.

It’s Always Pool Time at the Morrison’s.

Brandi Pool Time July 2021

Looking forward to our next visit.

Thought For The Day:

So this why masks don’t really seem to work?

No Extended Eye Contact

Too Much Looking At Each Other?

Who Knew?