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Planning Our Next Trip?

Jan’s lunch date at the Cheddar’s up on the Tollway and Westpark never showed up, but Jan said she had a nice trip and a good lunch anyway. Later, getting back to the Clear Lake area, she did some shopping before picking me about 3:15 for the trip home.

We did make a Cowboy coffee stop for our usual Sugar-Free Hazelnut Lattes. And as delicious as usual.

Jan and I started talking/planning? our possible next trip this morning. Having just seen Yakov Smirnoff this past weekend, this brought Branson to mind, and that led us to Christmas in Branson. So we’ve started looking at dates, hotels, shows, etc,

Based on the distance, we’ll probably make it a two-day trip with a stopover in Texarkana going and coming.

Right now we’re thinking December 5-11, but that could change. However the plans are in the works.

After the New Coke debacle back in the 80’s, you would think they’d have learned their lesson. But apparently they haven’t. Recently Coke announced that they were reformulating the formula of Coke Zero to make it taste more like regular Coke. 

Now most people I know, along with me, think that it’s really hard to tell the difference now. So if figures that anything they do is just going to screw it up.

Old-New Coke Zero]

At least they’ve also redesigned the can, so I’ll know when to stop drinking it.

Tomorrow we’re heading to the Conroe area to meet up with Debi and Ed Hurlburt for lunch at The Catch, a new place for us. But the menu looks good.

Thought For The Day:

Burning your bridges can take too long. Explosives are better.



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