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Well, That Was Disappointing . . .

About a month ago I ordered these flamingos for Jan’ Flamingo Flamboyance from a Facebook ad.

New Facebook Flamingos

According to the ad, they were Made In The USA, and Shipped From California, unlike most FB stuff that usually seems to come on a slow boat from China, literally.

The shorter one is is 28” high and the taller one is 32”, so good size, too. And it would be a perfect addition to the yard.

The first Rut Roh! came 9 days later when I received a notice that the order had shipped . . . China, via China Post.

The second came about a week after that when I clicked on the ad again, and it had disappeared, or at least the flamingos had. There was something else being sold.

But since I was still getting tracking info as it crawled across China, I was somewhat mollified.

But then about a week ago, the entire company website just disappeared, but the tracking info said the birds were now in the US and in the hands of the Post Office, so maybe things were still OK.

Then yesterday, a package showed up in the mail. It was about 14” long and about 5” square, and it was half crushed. Not a good sign all around.

And it didn’t get any better, or any bigger when we opened the package. Inside was two smaller boxes, and inside those boxes was this.

Wrong Flamingos

For the record, they’re about 8” talll, and not metal, but some sort of resin. And broken, of course.

Well, $^%$#%

Unfortunately I’m not sure I have any recourse, but I’m going to talk to PayPal since it was paid for through them. Stay tuned.

I spent a good part of the day at work configuring and setting up a new camera surveillance system like this.

Zosi Surveillance Camera System

Sometimes Jennifer is working in the back and doesn’t hear the buzzer so this should take care of that problem. And let us monitor other areas too.

Though our other flamingo order fell apart we did get word that this one had arrived and was ready to be picked up.

Flamingo Frank In Paradise

This is Flamingo Frank and he’s about 18” high, and strangely enough we ordered him from Home Depot. Hope he gets along with all the others.

As I mentioned previously, tomorrow we’re seeing Yakov Smirnoff at the1894 Opera House down in Galveston and then having dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse.

Can’t Wait!

Thought For The Day:

“Who kills a man kills a reasonable creature… but he who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.” – John Milton

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