Daily Archives: February 5, 2018

At Least One Thing Good . . .

Work today was kind of a madhouse. Jennifer, the office manager, was out, possibly with the flu, but hopefully not.

I haven’t seen her since last Wednesday, and based on the flu’s incubation period (1 to 4 days, 2 days average) I (and by extension, Jan) should be OK

Bu with Jennifer out, between phone orders, walk-ins, and processing web orders, we were overrun, even with me getting roped in. And it may get worse in the next few days as the sales ad cards start getting delivered.

We did get some sample ad cards via Priority Mail from the direct mail company today, and they looked great. They took my original design of a 6” x 6” layout and stretched out to about 6” x 11”, much more of an eye-catcher in the mailbox.

As I mentioned before, Jan and I have started laying out our next RV adventure. We plan on leaving here on June 23rd, with our first stop at Poche’s Fish N Camp in Breaux Bridge, LA. Then we’ll spend the next few days working our way north up to Vandalia, IL for another big family reunion at her sister Debbie’s and her extended family, arriving on the 26th.

We always stay at the Timber Trails RV Park in nearby Mulberry Grove, and since we’re bumping up against the 4th of July holidays, I put in a call to get our reservation in early, leaving a message.

When the lady called back a couple of days later she was laughing, saying that the park didn’t even open until April 1st and that they were down in Florida for the winter.

But she said to call her back on April 1st and I’d be first in line. So I told Alexa to remind me then.

Then come July 1st, we’ll head south, down to Athens, AL to check in on all my surviving relatives, before heading back to Houston on the 6th or so.

Then later in the summer,  July or so, we plan on heading down to Florida to check out our good friends Nick and Terri Russell’s new digs in Edgewater, and also catching up with a couple of Jan’s old friends in the Titusville area and West Palm Beach.

It’ll be good to get back on the road.

At least one thing good came out of yesterday’s outrageously-priced Jiffy Lube oil change. Believe it or not, it fixed my oil pressure gauge problem.

The possibility of this happening is actually why I got the oil change yesterday in the first place. When I was Googling my original problem, I saw a couple of references to people having the same problem curing it by replacing the oil filter.

Apparently the oil flows out of the filter and directly by the pressure sensor, so maybe if the filter material was collapsing, or the internal filter bypass was messed up, that might make the sensor kind of wonky.

The last time I had the oil changed was in Rapid City last spring about 6000 miles ago. And the Jiffy Lube guy said it was a FRAM filter they replaced so it wasn’t a cheap filter causing the problem.

But at least it’s now fixed.

The Headline of the Day:
Woman in sumo-wrestler suit assaulted her ex-girlfriend in gay bar after she waved at man dressed as a Snickers candy bar.

Thought for the Day:

If Thought Bubbles Appeared Above My Head, I’d Be Screwed.