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Catching Up . . .

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Today was a busy morning, first with Jan’s 8:30am Pre-Op conference at the hospital for next Wednesday’s Laser Lithotripsy. And then getting her home about 10:30, I dropped her off and headed right back up to Webster for work.

Luckily Jennifer, the office manager, was back at work today. Actually she came back this past Wednesday while I was out with Jan having her checkup. Glad to find out that she didn’t have the flu, but a case of Norovirus that she seems to have caught from family members who had just returned from a cruise and brought it with them, getting sick just as they got home, and just in time to infect Jennifer.

Spent the morning catching up with all the catalog/website updates and changes that had accumulated since I was there on Monday. The afternoon was occupied by taking photos of used/refurbished equipment and emailing them out to potential customers, and then handling the numerous follow-up questions. Very time consuming.

So far my oil pressure problem has not reoccurred, so I guess a defective filter was really the cause. What does bother me however, is that I can’t figure out anyway that the filter could have caused my problem.

I mentioned that I had read online about someone else that found the same fix for their similar problem, and several other readers said that the filter couldn’t possibly be the problem and it must have been something else.

Well, like I said, the problem was gone when I pulled out of the Jiffy Lube parking lot, so I don’t know what else it could be.

We’ve been on the go so much this week that tomorrow and maybe Sunday too, are going to be stay-at-home days. Very nice.

But if the weather cooperates just enough, I go outside and take down the last remaining awning to take over to Sundowner Canvas.

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How soon after walking into someone’s house is it acceptable to ask for their WiFi password?