Daily Archives: February 10, 2018

The King is Dead . . .

Well, by the time the rain stopped and the weather cleared, it was really too late to fool with taking down the last  awning. Maybe tomorrow. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

As I had hoped, today turned out to be a do-nothing day, just reading, napping, computing and snacking. A perfect day.

The King is Dead. Long Live The New King.

For the last 4 years I’ve used a Bubba Keg like this for my morning coffee.

Bubba Keg 34oz

At 34oz it holds the 5 cups I brew with a little room to spare. Actually, I brew 8 cups, but Jan’s mug holds the other 3 cups. I had another, smaller before that, but I wanted something a little bigger.

But although it was foam-filled, the Bubba Keg just didn’t my coffee warm for more than a couple of hours. But since I normally nurse my caffeine fix over the day, I wanted something a little better.

I had looked at the stainless steel vacuum mugs like the Yeti and the Ozark Trail models, but they weren’t large enough, only 30oz, and that was to the very rim. So a week or so ago when I saw this at WalMart I got one immediately.

Ozark 40oz Mug

It’s the new 40oz model from Ozark Trail, WalMart’s brand. But it needs a handle, so I immediately ordered one from Amazon.

Ozark 40oz Mug Handle

Unfortunately these new mugs haven’t been out long enough for someone to come out with a lid that seals like they have with the smaller ones.

Ozark 40oz Mug Lid

All the new ones just have the drinking hole in them. So I’ll have to find someway to seal it up when I’m taking it into work.

Our daughter Brandi and her family are presently scattered around the country. Brandi herself is out in San Diego  at a ‘business conference’. That’s her on the right.

Brandi in San Diego

Yep, looks like business to me.

Notice how these ‘business conferences’ are always in places like Las Vegas or Miami, or San Diego? And never places like Duluth, or Des Moines?

Why is that?

And while Brandi is partying out west, Lowell and Landon were up in Pauls Valley, OK with his parents, celebrating Lowell’s birthday, for which Landon and his grandma Sonja baked him a birthday cake.

Sounds like fun.

Thought for the Day:

Every morning you start the day with the best of intentions . . . and then the idiots happen.