Daily Archives: February 26, 2018

Click. No Ship . . .

I spent most of the day at work tracking down a problem with our Click-N-Ship Business Pro software for our USPS shipping account.

Normally we just place the package on the scale, call up the address from the address book, or enter it from scratch if necessary., and then click the Print Label button.

This prints out the shipping label, complete with postage,  and charges our account for the postage. Then just slap the label on the box and drop it in the outgoing container and you’re done. Easy Peasy.

And we have the same type of software for our UPS shipments.

But after six packages were processed this morning, before I came in, the seventh one wouldn’t go through. giving an error message when Print Label was clicked.

After doing some checking, turns out that the Account Login Authentication wasn’t working, i.e. the software couldn’t login to our online account. So after rebooting the computer and trying it again with the same results, I put in a call to the help line, and waited for about 20 minutes. Finally talking to someone, that our software looked fine from their end, and anyway, they had nothing to do with ‘Account Authentication’.

Well, that was 20 minutes I’ll never get back.

So I was back on the phone calling the Account people, at the same number, just selection #2 instead of selection #8. I immediately got someone who told me everyone was busy, took my number, and said someone would call me back. That was 11am.

When I hadn’t heard from anyone by 3pm, I called back. And was told that they were working on the problem. I said, “What problem?” and she said, “The login problem.”.

So it was their problem all the time. But I didn’t find out for 4 hours. Great.

I’ll try later tonight to see if it’s working yet.

One thing funny today was a women calling in and saying she’d just got a new catalog and wanted to open a charge account like it said.

We all looked at each other, wondering what she was talking about, since we haven’t charge accounts for years. But she insisted that’s what her catalog said. So we had her read to us from the payment information paragraph, and it wasn’t like that in our copy. So finally I had Jennifer ask her for the date on the front of the catalog.

After a long silence, she said in a quite voice, “2012”

“And you just got this in the mail?”

“Well, maybe not.”


I did get in a new toy, or toys, maybe, today. It’s a set of these PECHAM WiFi Switches.

PECHAM WiFi Switches

They’re similar to the other ones I bought, but smaller and cheaper.

One of them I want to use to control my Power Converter. Used to keep the rig’s house and engine batteries charged while we’re plugged into shore power, my unit has 3 different charge levels, 14.4V, 13.6V, and 13.2V.

When it first turns on, it starts up at 14.4, stays there for about an hour, and then drops to 13.6 for a while, before steady-stating at 13.2V. And as far as keeping the house batteries charged, that works fine.

But the way the rig’s charging system works is that the engine batteries only get charged when the house battery voltage is above 14.0V. That’s the voltage the battery isolator pulls in and connects the house and rig batteries together. But since that only happens when the power converter first turns on, the engine batteries would gradually discharge over a period of time.

So my solution was to put the power converter on a timer that would cycle the power on and off several times a day. But I was never happy with the way it all work so I’m replacing the mechanical timer with one of these WiFi ones. Then I can modify the schedule remotely or manually control the timer itself.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the other one, but I’ll think of something.

The Headline of the Day:
   MSNBC Host: Handgun Bullets Are Ineffective In Stopping School Shooters Because They’re Too Slow.

So maybe like in the Matrix movie where you could see the bullets coming and then dodge them?

Thought for the Day:
  No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. – Abraham Lincoln