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The Power Of Peppers . . .

I woke up feeling a lot better today, hardly coughing any last night, so I slept a lot better than last night. And whatever was in my head seemed to be breaking up.

Personally I attribute it to ‘The Power of Peppers’.

Normally we would have eaten at home last night, but with my fuzzy head, I managed to come home from work minus my cellphone. Usually, before I turn out the light in my office I take one last look to be sure I’m forgetting anything. But somehow I didn’t see it laying right there on my desk.

So I called Jennifer to ask her to bring it home with her, since she lives close by. But when I thought about going by her house a couple of hours later, I decided that I needed more encouragement to leave the rig,

So I told Jan to get dressed and that we would pick up my phone and then head on over to Yummy Yummy’s for dinner. When we got to Jennifer’s and I got my phone, I invited her to go with us, but she already had dinner on the stove.

Usually here I have a plate of the boiled shrimp, but the way my throat felt, I thought some Hot & Sour Soup would hit the spot. Emphasis on the ‘HOT’. So before I filled my bowl, actually a large cup, I dumped in some of their Hot Spicy Chicken before ladling the soup on top of it.

And if that wasn’t enough, I dumped some of my Carolina Reaper flakes into the cup. At this point I think my soup was pretty much just bubbling all on its own. It burned like crazy going down, but my throat quickly felt better.

Or maybe just numb.

But it did feel so good, I had a second bowl.

And it’s not just me. Check this out.

Eating Chili Peppers May Save Your Life

And whether it was the peppers, or just time, I did feel much better this morning and seemed to be pretty much back to normal.

For lunch today, Jan wanted her Turkey & Dressing fix so we stopped off at the Webster Cracker Barrel on our way out. It’s looks like we’ll be having a non-traditional (no Turkey & Dressing) Christmas Dinner at Brandi’s this year, so Jan didn’t want to miss out.

For me, I had a House Salad, and then a plate of their Beans & Greens. Always good and one of my favorites.


Thought For The Day:

I would really like to have the Detonate option on my Where’s My Droid app.



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