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Just Sayin’ . . .

I went into work about 1:30 this afternoon so I could do a complete upgrade on our UPS software. That part only took about an hour. Most of the time was spent backing up all the UPS data, so that if things went sideways, as they are wont to do, I would just be able to copy the old data back over and I should be good to go. Hopefully.

But since the UPS stuff totaled multi-gigs of data, made up of a lot of small files,  it takes a lot of time, actually about 90 minutes to back it all up.

Then I was finally able to do the full overwrite of the software. And it actually went pretty smoothly, with no glitches. And then it rebooted at the end with everything working.

So then I went back to my office to once again attempt to connect our new computer to the UPS Shipping machine so it could be used as a remote station on the UPS software.

And this time it worked with no problems, and when it rebooted, it was now connection to the main machine.

Right now I plan on going down to the office New Year’s Eve, after all our wild partying of course, to first close out the month, and the year, and then replace Jennifer’s computer, a Win7 version, with this new Win10 one.

There are a couple of new stores being built in the Webster area, obviously of the restaurant persuasion. But we’re two months in onthe remodel/rebulds and there’s no indication on what they’re going to be. Now I would think that the new owners would want all the free (well, for the cost of a Coming Soon – XXXXX Restaurant sign) advertising that they could get. You know, the whole Antici . . . . . Pation thing.

But the real problem is that it bugs hell out of me not knowing.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

The other thing that sometimes frustrates me is the way Amazon lists items from a search. Tonight I did an Amazon search for Coarse Ground Pepper with the Prime option selected.

So my search results first showed me ‘Sponsored’ links across the top. Two them were not Prime, but were Coarse Ground. The other one was Prime but not Coarse Ground.

And then further down the page were the actual results, but these too were only a somewhat better mixture, with more Coarse Ground and Prime,  but still other stuff intermixed.

Now I can understand them wanting to show me other stuff that might be of interest to me, but wait until you’ve showed me ALL of the exact thing I’m looking for.

Just Sayin’

Thought For The Day:

When Nothing Goes Right, Go Straight.


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