Daily Archives: May 23, 2017

Long Day, But Great Scenery . . .

Since we had a long day today, 315 miles, well, long for us anyway, we were pulling out of the park about 8:15 with Jan following in the truck.

We were on our way to the Sam’s Club a couple of miles away to take on some diesel at $2.37 per gallon. As I found during our scouting trip yesterday, it was an easy in with no problems. However the out part was a little more time consuming.

Just as I was ready to pull out to the left, the only way I could go, a lady in a large while truck pulled into the pump row to my left. And just sat there in the truck. Finally after about 5 minutes, she got out and fueled up. Then it was back in the truck for another 5 minutes or so before she finally pulled out, with me right behind her.

Parking over on the side of the parking lot, we were hitched up and on the road by about 9:15. Getting out on I-90 we headed southeast about 65 miles to the turnoff for US212, and the Little Bighorn (is there a Big Bighorn?) Battlefield.

We were a little hesitant about taking 212 when about 5 miles before the exit we saw an electronic sign that said, “Consider I-90, US212 Expect Delays”. But as we talked it over, we figured that any delay less than the hour that route would save us would be worth it.

Although it was a two lane road, it was good and we had no trouble holding 60mph, except for a couple of long climbs. And although we passed through a couple of construction zones, we never found any delays.

But maybe the sign was the reason we had very little traffic going in our direction, but a lot coming toward us.

We did have a lot of great scenery, with large farms, rolling hills, distinctive rocks, and an some pronghorn antelope.

We pulled into the Elk Creek RV Park about 3:30 and were directed over to their Deer Creek RV area. We’ve got 50amp full hookups for 7 days at $17.50/day under Passport America. Nice.

Tomorrow we’re going to just goof off and probably go out to dinner.

Thought for the Day:

Some days I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.