Sometimes The Easy Stuff Is The Hardest . . .

After a quiet last day of the year, about 3:30 Jan and I headed over to Yummy Yummy for a late lunch. As I mentioned yesterday we had originally  planned to dinner at Saltgrass and then head over to my client’s to install the new computer. But Jan still didn’t feel like wasting a good steak dinner on crippled taste buds. But Hot & Sour Soup sounded good to both of us.

I’m pretty much over my cold, but I’m still having trouble getting my right ear to clear and stay clear. Right now they still keeping popping in and out..

While I’m on the downside of my cold, Jan is still in the middle of hers, with the coughing the worst part, especially when she’s trying to sleep. But she did feel good enough to go ahead and come to my client’s with me

After running the End of Month, End of Year reports on the old computer, I plugged in a flash drive and copied over the 30GB of POS data, and a bunch of other stuff. This much data took about 45 minutes, and then I set the new machine in place of the old one.

Now I was ready to copy all the data over to the new machine, which only took about 20 minutes, since the read speed of the flash drive is much faster than the write speed. And after finishing moving all the data over, everything checked out.

Now for the easy part, and I’d be done. Just install the Canon 530 Laser Printer and I’d  be done. All I had to do was plug in the USB printer cable and let Windows find the right drivers and set it all up.


Well, No.

After I plugged in the USB cable a window popped up and set the printer was installed and ready to go. But it wasn’t. When I tried to print a test page the system told me no drivers were installed.

So I started over. And started over. And started over. And sta . . .

Paul Simon says, “There’s 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover!”. Well, there’s not quite that many ways to install a printer, but a bunch.

And it actually took me about an hour to work through a lot of possibilities until finally one worked.

And after testing the printer, I was finally done.

Sometimes the easy stuff is the hardest.

One thing funny did happen while Jan was out in the lobby waiting for me. I’ve mentioned before that they’ve had problems with possums getting into the building’s attic. Actually it’s can be a real problem around this area.

When I worked for the University of Houston-Clear Lake, we had a 3 story building that had raccoons and possums running around in the ceilings. And earlier this year, we had a possum fall through the ceiling into Jennifer’s office and then trash the place.


So while I’m working, I heard Jan squeal. And when I got out there to check on her, she had her feet up in the chair with her, pointing down the hall behind her. She said a possum had come down the hall past where I was, cross through the lobby past her, and into the next office.

Tomorrow, A New Year!

Thought For The Day:

No one has ever regretted being too well armed.


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