Pills and Pie . . .

Again it was down in the mid-30’s last night, but made it into the mid-70’s today. But tomorrow we’ve got a one-day spike into the mid-80’s, and then back down into the 70’s again.

With Jan still on the 3rd day of her 3 day migraine wind down,  we put off our Bear Country USA,/Alpine Inn/Reptile Garden/Dinosaur Museum day until tomorrow.

Jan’s migraines normally cycle through 3 days. On the first morning when the migraine hits, she takes a Sumatriptan and by  the afternoon, she feels better, but kind of washed out. Then on the second morning, the migraine returns, but not as strong, so she takes another Sumatriptan. And finally on the third day, one more time, but even less pain, and another Sumatriptan.

Every now and then though, the migraine only lasts for two days, which is why  we were hoping for a respite today. But tomorrow will work just as well.

A little before 3pm I went into RC to pick up some things from Lowe’s for a couple of projects I’m working on. Next up was an oil change for the truck, and then on the way home I stopped off at a Perkins for a couple of slices of pie, Coconut Cream and Chocolate Silk, for Jan. Migraines are always better with pie.

For me, I got Lemon Meringue and Banana Cream.

Coming back to the park I stopped off at the office to pick up my Samsung Wireless Charger that had come in. Getting home, I unpacked it, plugged into the wall socket, and set my S8+ on it, and it started charging. Neat.

But my old Galaxy S5 doesn’t work on it. I know later ones do, but mine was a very  early one, so not unexpected.

I also moved my 12volt digital voltmeter down onto the lower dashboard where it is more visible.

New Dash 12 volt Meter

This meter monitors the engine battery voltage, while I have another one that monitors the house battery voltage. And I also have one that monitors the shore power voltage/generator voltage.

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For dinner tonight we had our leftover Famous Dave’s BBQ from last week. And of course, pie.

All delicious.

Thought for the Day:

“We have always known that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. It’s worse now, because capture of government is so much more important than it once was. There was a time when there was enough freedom that it hardly mattered which brand of crooks ran government. That has not been true for a long time — not during most of your lifetimes, and for much of mine — and it will probably never be true again.” – Jerry Pournelle


5 Responses to Pills and Pie . . .

  1. Chris says:

    Hope Jan feels better soon

  2. Reynald says:

    Hello Greg.

    Sure hopes that Jan gets better soon and I’m positive that the pie will help, a good moral booster.

    If you have time. Could you check if that new Samsung charger will still charge your phone if raised about 1/16 of an inch. I have a Q charger and my protective case on my phone is raising my S5 about 1/16 of an inch and it will not work. Without the case it works fine. Any help in that matter will be greatly appreciated.



    • gregwhite says:


      I have the Otterbox Defender case on my S8+ and it charges just fine. And I’m pretty sure the case is at least 1/16 of an inch thick.

      Maybe your case has some metal in it?

      As I said in the blog, my S5 which also has the Otterbox Defender case on it won’t charge, but I’m not sure it will anyway. When I get a chance I’ll pull the case off and give it a try.

      Thanks for reading our blog.


  3. Mary Burge says:

    Coconut cream and chocolate silk pie ? What did you do you’re not tellin’ US about? Just teasing. You are a very thoughtful guy and I hope Jan is feeling better. Maybe you will get critter visits to your park to entertain you today.Mary

    • gregwhite says:


      No critters yet, except for the mouse last night, and he didn’t last long.

      Thanks for reading our blog.


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