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It’s A Keeper . . .

Last night was our first night on our new Dream Serenity 2” Memory Foam Gel-Filled Mattress Topper that we got from Wal-Mart a couple of days ago. And it looks like it’s a keeper. At least I hope so, since we threw the old one away this afternoon.

Jan said the first thing she noticed that when she slept on her side for a while last night, she didn’t wake up with hip pain like she did on the old one. So she’s happy.

And I noticed that, although I couldn’t say the new topper was any ‘cooler’, at least it didn’t get ‘sweaty’ like the old one. So I’m happy, too.

I spent the afternoon working on some client website issues, as well as working with Nick on a couple of small problems resulting from his blog move. Then one of my clients called about some missing email address, but I finally squashed that bug too.

About 4:15 Jan and I headed over to Los Gringos Locos to meet Nick and Terry Russell for our last dinner together until probably next spring. It is possible though, that we’ll have some overlap at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails this coming May.

Nick gave me a couple of bundles of Gypsy Journals to spread around during our travels after we finished dinner, in case we don’t get together tomorrow evening for our last goodbyes.

Tomorrow I’ll start putting away some stuff outside, check the tire pressures and fluids, and load some things in the truck to get ready to leave Sunday morning and make the 135 mile trip up to the Verde Valley Thousand Trails where we’ll stay for two weeks before moving on to Las Vegas.

Then later tomorrow afternoon Jan and I plan to have linner/lupper at the Famous Dave’s BBQ over in SanTan Village and then pick up a few things at the Wal-Mart there.

Finishing up then, hopefully we’ll be able to have one last get-together with Nick and Terry.


Thought for the Day:

Freedom of association includes the freedom not to associate.” – Ayn Rand


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