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Braking It Down . . .

Mister got himself a new box yesterday, and from one of his favorite places, Amazon. He apparently likes the way their boxes taste.

Mister in New Box

Of course he’s got his big one right next to this one, but new is always better, right?

As to what came in Mister’s new box, it was a bottle of PacBrake lubricant. Well, not their brand, but it’s the same stuff, and cheaper.

Super Lube

Super Lube Synthetic Oil with PTFE

Coming up from Verde Valley to Vegas, I noticed that my PakBrake didn’t seem to be working. It’s always kind of difficult to be sure that the PacBrake has actually engaged when it’s combined with the normal downshift to 4th. But my PRXB PacBrake (the upgraded model) should be felt working whenever your foot is off the gas and your PacBrake is turned on, even before the downshift to 4th

Our trip up here to Vegas is the first time I’ve really used it this year due to lack of hills, and I didn’t used it much last year either. I also realized that I didn’t do the lubrication maintenance on it this winter, mostly due to my my bottle of PacBrake lubricant having leaked out. So that’s probably why it’s not working.

Needing another bottle, I called the Camping World down in Henderson to see if they had some in stock, since CW is where I bought my last bottle. And when I asked the Parts Department guy if he had any PakBrake lube, he said,”What’s a PacBrake?”


Camping World doesn’t know what a PacBrake is? That certainly explains a lot. And after I told him what it was, I got, “We don’t have any thing like that here.”


But Amazon had the same stuff in a generic form, but it looks like it’s made by the same company.

So tomorrow I’ll lift the bed up and do a lube job on the valve.

We’ve really been enjoying our really mild weather here. The last several days it’s never gotten above the mid-70’s, and it’s been down in the high 50’s at night. Very nice.

Tomorrow, besides the PacBrake lube job, I’ve got some other stuff I want to work on around the rig. But Sunday we’ve got some fun stuff planned.

More about that later.


Thought for the Day:

If attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler.