Daily Archives: April 19, 2015

Hey! It’s Vegas, Baby!

Jan and I were up about 6am to get ready for our 305 mile trip up to the Las Vegas Thousand Trails where we’ll be for the next two weeks.

Since I had done so much packing away yesterday, I didn’t really have a lot to do this morning. So after having our coffee and the Jack in the Box’s breakfast sandwiches we picked up yesterday afternoon, I first put away all the Satellite/DVR stuff.

Our 32” TV normally sits up on the front console, but when we travel, it rides on the floor on my side of the bed with a couple of pillows around it, so that just takes a minute or so to store it away.

Then I went outside and stowed away the Winegard Satellite Dome and the stand I put it on. I used to just set it on the ground, but a few years ago when we were in Houston for our 3 month winter-over, our satellite quit working. When I checked it out, I found an ant nest that completely filled the dome. So now it sits up on a foldup workstand.

I cranked up about 7:45 and I pulled out about 10 minutes later with Jan following me in the truck. Getting down to the highway, I got us hitched up and we pulled out on the highway about 8:15.

The trip was pretty smooth, at least until we got west of Kingman. Then the road pretty much became one continuous washboard. They did have a couple of long construction areas where they brought both sides over to the same side, and were completely redoing the other side. So there’s hope for the future.

We pulled in the Las Vegas Thousand Trails about 2pm after unhitching about a mile down the Boulder Hwy. Then everything kind of ground to a halt. There was nobody in the guard shack. And no one answered the intercom, either.

So after about 10 minutes of just sitting there, I walked into the park and back to the office. And it was locked up tight with no one around. And by the time I got back to the rig, there were two more rigs behind us. Finally the ranger showed up, saying she had been leading someone to a site.

We finally got parked over in the new upgraded area in a 50amp site. In fact, it’s so new and upgraded that the 50 amp here is $5 a day extra rather than the usually $3. But when I started to write the check out for $70, I was told there was tax to be added.

When I asked, “How much?”, she hit a few keys on her calculator and said, “78.40.” Yikes!  Some quick mental calculations told me that’s a 12% tax rate. Yikes again.

When I later complained to Jan about it, she just looked over and said, “Hey! It’s Vegas, Baby!


Thought for the Day:

When you decide between procrastination and prioritization, then you have to decide which one to do first.