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The City in the Sky . . .

When we had breakfast at the park Homestyle Grill the other morning, I bought something to go along with my BBQ Larvets worm larva snacks.

Scorpion Sucker

A Strawberry Scorpion Sucker is the perfect thing to compliment BBQ’d baby worms, isn’t it.

Jan and I headed out for Jerome about 1:30, but our first stop was the park Activity Center to drop off a bundle of Gypsy Journals for everyone. I was surprised to see how busy the place was, with what looked like a pool tournament going on.

The distance to Jerome is only about 15 miles, but it takes about 30 minutes since you have to gain over 2000 feet along the way.

Jerome View

After driving the main loop around town, we luckily found a parking spot right at the base of the hill.

Jerome Street View

And even better, the first store we came to was the Jerome Ghost Pepper Co.

Jerome Ghost Pepper Co 1

Linda, the storekeeper, give us a number of samples of her hot wares. Then I went back to the truck and let her sample some of my hot stuff. Based on her reaction to one of my bottles,

Hottest F Seasoning

I won.

As it turns out, Linda is a former RV’er, so we had a good time talking about traveling, and she and Jan really hit it off.

Jerome Ghost Pepper Co 2

She set us up with a new batch of hot sauces to take with us, including a larger bottle of the Belizean Heat, second from the left. Jan bought a small bottle of this from the iBurn store back in Houston, and was happy to find a refill.

New Hot Stuff - Jerome

Before leaving, I told Linda about this and Nick’s blogs, and left her copies of the 3 different issues of  the Gypsy Journal that I had with me.

Making our way up the steep hill, we came across the famous ‘Sliding Jail’. Jerome’s first jail was originally built up on the hill right below the upper line of cars.

Jerome Sliding Jail 3

But during the early years of the town, when the now present road wasn’t there, the constant blasting caused the jail to slowly slid down the hill,

Jerome Sliding Jail 2

finally ending up about 100 yards below its original location.

Jerome Sliding Jail 1

As we made our way up the steep hills, I noticed a number of stores had this emblem above their doorways.

Jerome AED

This means that these establishments have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) there. Just the thing for when tourist start dropping to the sidewalk from the steep climbs. Hope I don’t need one.

After Jan hit a couple of gift shops we made our way over to the Mile High Grill for an early dinner. Several friends had recommended the place so we to give it a try.

 Mile High Grill 1a

We both started out with a cup of soup. Jan had the Soup of the Day, Carrot Ginger,

Mile High Grill 3

and I had the Rio Verde Chili Pork Stew.

Mile High Grill 2

Both delicious. The last time we had Carrot Ginger Soup was in 2010 at the fabled Pie-O-Neer restaurant in Pie Town, NM.

Since today is National Grilled Cheese Day, Jan went with their off-the-menu Grill Cheese Sandwich, and, staying with the Cheese theme, for her side, she had the Nacho Mama’s Mac and Cheese.

Mile High Grill 5

I went with the Diablo Burger and the Buffalo Chips

Mile High Grill 4

Normally the avocado goes on the burger, but since I don’t like it, I got it on the side for Jan. The green stuff was a delicious spicy chimichurri sauce.

Wrapping up, for dessert, we shared an order of their much-recommended Warm Croissant Bread Pudding. Again, very, very good.

Mile High Grill 6

Finally finishing up a great meal, we headed back to the truck for the drive home. Luckily, as full as we were, it was all downhill.

Otherwise we might had really needed the AED.

Tomorrow we’re taking the Verde Canyon Railroad train ride, lasting from 1 to 4pm. We’ve heard a lot about it, and we’re really looking forward to it.


Thought for the Day:

Procrastination can get you killed, but much later.


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