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Dead Man’s Hand . . .

After yesterday’s 91°, today’s 75 and partly cloudy was a nice relief, especially since we didn’t get the also-promised rain showers this morning.

Today we thought we drive up north to Deadwood, so after a quiet morning we left the rig about 1pm. Getting into Deadwood about  30 minutes later,our first stop was the Visitor’s Center to pick up some brochures and make a restroom stop.

Then it was on to a recommended place for lunch, Harry’s Spaghetti Western Restaurant

We each got one of their dinners, starting with a salad.

Spaghetti Western Salad

After that, Jan got the Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken, while I got the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Meatballs.

Spaghetti Western Spaghetti

For dessert I had  the Spumoni Ice Cream that came with the meal,

Spaghetti Western Spumoni

while Jan upgraded to the Tiramisu Cake.

Spaghetti Western Tiramisu

And after a very good meal, we drove up the hill to the Mt. Moriah Cemetery, where both Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are buried . . . as well as over 3,600 other unlucky people. The place is enormous

Mt Moriah Cemetary

We would have walked around a bit, but as you can tell it’s pretty steep and hilly, and since my knee has been acting up, we took a pass.

Coming back down the hill, we drove down Deadwood’s Historic Main Street.

Historic Deadwood

Hence the sign ‘Historic Main Street’.

Deadwood Main Street

Leave it to me to sniff out a model train layout, and there was one right on Deadwood’s Historic Main Street.

The layout of the Northern Hills Railway Society is in the basement of a gift shop, and admission is free, though it costs $1 to run the trains for 10 minutes.

Deadwood Train 3

The layout is 80 feet by 16 feet with over 1200 feet of track, 54  engines and 400 cars.

Deadwood Train 1

One thing I liked is all the small details and dioramas.

Deadwood Train 2

Deadwood Train 4

Deadwood Train 5

Deadwood Train 6

Note the yellow biplane flying under the bridge below.

Deadwood Train 7

Coming back up to street level we were just in time for one of the scheduled gunfights.

Deadwood Shootout 2

When I saw the poker table set up I thought that they were reenacting the shooting of Wild Bill Hickok, but it was some other famous gunfight.

Deadwood Shootout 1

As it was the whole thing took place right in front of the saloon where Wild Bill Hickok was shot August 2, 1876.

Deadwood Shootout 4

Deadwood Shootout 3

Playing Five Card Draw, the hand Hickok was holding consisted of black aces and black eights, now known as a “Dead Man’s Hand”. He had discarded the fifth card, and supposedly the replacement had not been dealt. At least that’s the way the story goes.

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Heading home about 4:30 we drove on into RC for a quick stop at the Harbor Freight for a couple of things. Then it was back to the rig with a stop at the office to re-up until Saturday.

Tomorrow, the Dinosaur Museum and Mt. Rushmore.

Thought for the Day:

“Those who control the past control the future.
Those who control the present control the past.”
— George Orwell