Ya’ll Don’t Understand Me . . .

About !:30pm Jan and I headed up to Huntsville about 15 miles north of here. We were going to meet up with Tom and Lynn Conner, long-time friends since 1979 when we lived on the same street for a number of years and our daughter’s were best friends.

And later our son Chris worked for Tom in his motorcycle businesses.

Regular readers will remember months back that I asked readers for things they’d like to see in an RV Park, for a friend that was building one. And that was for Tom.

Well, the project is starting to come together up in Crabbs Prairie, a small community just north of Huntsville,

The first part, 25 RV-sized storage units is just about ready to go in the next week or so.

Tom Conner's 2

At the same time they’re starting the layout and grading for about 30 50amFHU sites, both pull-thrus and back-ins, many of them around the small lake.

Tom Conner's 1

Tom Conner's 3

Tranquility Lakes RV Park Overhead

The park is located just over a mile off I-45 on a good paved road with easy access, a really nice layout.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

I got a lot of  emails and blog comments wondering why we’re traveling around in an RV that I’m constantly working on.

Ya’ll just don’t understand me.

First off, remember that I’m cheap. Our rig is 18 years old (old enough to vote) and our Dodge Dakota is 13. And both are paid for. And I know both of them from top to bottom, and side to side. And I can, and have fixed pretty much anything on the rig, or even the truck

So we can keep RV’ing and not spend half our time waiting for an RV repair place to fix our rig. And honestly, based on what I read on FB and other places, newer rigs spend a lot of time in the shop, waiting for parts, or waiting for the repair.

But here’s the part you probably really don’t understand.

I really enjoy fixing things, anything at all. Whether it’s computers, electronics, cars, RV’s,etc. It’s the challenge that interests me. It’s a puzzle that I want to solve.

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So if I’m not working on our rig, I’m working on Nick’s. Or someone else’s.

What can I say. It’s just me.

Tomorrow we move over to the Colorado River Thousand Trails in Columbus for two weeks. ramping up to our big family reunion.

Thought for the Day:

Big government is attractive to those who think that THEY will be in control of it.